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Advantages and Precautions of Induction Heating Equipment for Aluminum Welding

  There are many advantages of induction heating equipment for brazing. The biggest advantage of induction brazing is that one or more metals can be welded together using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. And the brazing reaction only acts on the base metal in the range of several microns or tens of microns and has almost no influence on the deep structure of the base metal.

  When using electromagnetic induction heating equipment for aluminum welding, pay attention to the following points:

1. Melting point of aluminum

  Due to the relatively low melting points of aluminum and aluminum alloys, special attention should be paid when selecting aluminum brazing filler metals, because this will cause the base metal and brazing filler metals to have similar melting points. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the temperature control during the welding process.

2. Solder selection

  When using solder for soldering, special attention should be paid to the temperature difference between the base metal and the solder. Therefore, when choosing aluminum or aluminum alloy for soldering, the solder should be carefully selected according to the characteristics of the tin.

3. Oxidation treatment

  Since there is an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum material, we need to destroy this oxide film during aluminum welding, otherwise, brazing cannot be performed, but this will cause the surface of the weldment to oxidize. Electromagnetic induction heating equipment with nitrogen protection.

Induction Heating Equipment with industrial chiller for aluminum welding(all in one machine)

Advantages and Precautions of Induction Heating Equipment for Aluminum Welding (1)

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