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Aluminum Shell Melting Furnace

1. Aluminum shell melting furnace manufacturer.
2. Energy-saving, good price level.
3. Easy to control temperature.
4. High heating production.
5. Uniform metal composition.

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What is the aluminum shell induction melting furnace?

  The aluminum shell melting furnace is a kind of simple induction melting furnace used in the casting industry. One of the methods of induction heating and melting metal by electromagnetic induction is to generate an induction current in the load itself. Because its furnace body adopts an aluminum shell, it is called an aluminum shell melting furnace. An aluminum shell melting furnace is mainly used for induction smelting cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, including heavy metals (such as copper, and aluminum), and precious metals (such as gold, and silver). The equipment is used in the metallurgy industry, casting industry, non-metal smelting, and other industries.

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Why choose the ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN's aluminum shell melting furnace?

  • he aluminum shell melting furnace cooling performance is good, the cost is low, and the floor area is small.
  • Fast melting, low production cost; Pollution is small;
  • It can be melted directly from the cold furnace, the solution can be emptied completely, and it is convenient to replace the melting material.
  • The aluminum shell melting furnace body is easy to turn over and dump, the metal composition is uniform, the temperature is uniform and easy to control;
  • Low noise, good working environment;
  • According to the different requirements of various metal smelting, elaborate design;
  • Various specifications of induction coil, reasonable selection of copper tube wall thickness and specifications, so as to improve the utilization rate of electric energy.
  • The use of high-performance insulating materials;
  • The inter-turn clearance of the induction coil is convenient for maintenance and conducive to water vapor release;
  • To improve the working environment, a smoke collecting device can be selected.

How to choose a suitable aluminum shell melting furnace?

  • The capacity of an aluminum-shell melting furnace is based on a 7.8 density of steel as standard.
  • The melting time and ton power consumption of aluminum shell melting furnaces are closely related to the matching power of the equipment, the shape of raw materials, the density of raw materials, and the proficiency of workers.
  • Aluminum shell melting furnace “kwH/T” is the power consumption of ordinary parallel intermediate frequency power supply, and the new series intermediate frequency power supply can save 10% or more.
  • According to the user needs to design different aluminum shell melting furnace power, different melting speeds of non-standard products;

What is the composition of an aluminum shell melting furnace?

  According to the structure, the aluminum shell melting furnace is composed of an intermediate frequency power supply cabinet, compensation capacitor bank, reducer, bracket, furnace induction ring, water cooling circulation system, and so on.
  Aluminum shell melting furnace according to the tonnage is generally divided into 250Kg melting furnace, 300Kg melting furnace, 500Kg melting furnace, 1000Kg melting furnace, 1500Kg melting furnace, and 2000Kg melting furnace these types.

  According to the power supply, the aluminum shell melting furnace is divided into 160Kw and 250KW.350KW, 500KW.800KW, 1000Kw, 1250Kw, 1500Kw intermediate frequency power supply.

Composition diagram of aluminum shell induction melting furnace 1 1 jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Aluminum Shell Melting Furnace

FAQ about aluminum shell melting furnace?

  • Are you an aluminum shell melting furnace manufacturer?

  Yes, we are.

  • Will you accept the oversea service?

  Of course, all of our technical service engineers have passports and we can go abroad whenever you need, we provide onsite installation, training, technical guidance, and maintenance.

  • What kind of packing?

  Each of our export equipment has a professional export packaging, to meet the environmental and international export package standard requirements.

  • How can I get a faster quotation sheet?

  You can please let me know your melting material, melting speed, and environment requests, and then email us to [email protected] or leave message to WhatsApp at +86-15237153056. Thanks.

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