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Automatic Induction Heat Treating Machine

1. Full automatic induction heat treating machine.
2. Reliable performance, high positioning accuracy.
3. Fast heat treatment speed, for mass production.
4. Induction hardening tempering turnkey project.
5. Match with automatic loading unloading device.
6. Thousands of heat treatment applications are available.

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  Automatic induction heat treating machines are mainly designed for the different metal workpiece induction hardening, and tempering solutions. In addition to the features of high reliability, advancement, durability, and ease of operation and maintenance, this induction heat treating system also has high productivity and low labor intensity features. This special automatic induction heat treating machine is usually semi-automatic or fully automatic, it is designed and customized for a kind of featured parts batch production.

  Zhengzhou KETCHAN is a professional R & D, production, sales, maintenance complete automatic induction heat treatment system enterprise. And after years of development, we have researched hundreds of featured automatic induction heat treating systems in different application fields. In the future, we will do more cooperations with each of our users and help them to find suitable commercial induction heat treating solutions in the future.

Automatic induction heat treating machine 6 jpg KETCHAN Induction Automatic Induction Heat Treating Machine

What is KETCHAN automatic induction heat treating machine applications?

  • Automobile manufacturing industry

  Induction hardening technology is the most widely used in the automotive industry, and induction heating and quenching of auto parts have risen to about 50% of all induction heat-treated parts. In addition to improving the wear resistance of parts, the purpose of induction hardening is to improve the torsional fatigue strength and bending fatigue strength of parts. Typical induction systems are crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel ring gear, half shaft, constant velocity joint, shift fork, transmission shaft, cross shaft, shock absorber shaft, etc automatic induction heat treating machine systems.

  • Tractors and construction machinery

  In addition to the fact that the engine hardened parts are similar to the car engine, there are many induction hardened parts in the walking part: Such as drive wheels, guide wheels, rollers, chain rails, pins, sleeves, water pump shafts, valve rocker arms, bulldozer blades, tractor final drive gears, etc induction heat treating solutions.

  • Machine tool manufacturing industry

  In the machine tool manufacturing industry, induction hardened parts include the speed change gear of the headstock, the spindle, the speed change fork, the surface of the guide rail, and the various small parts wear-resistant parts.

  • Heavy machine industry

  Heavy-duty mechanical induction heat treatment parts include transmission large-module gears, excavator shovel tooth plates.

  • Bearing Industry

  The proportion of induction hardening of bearing rings, especially the raceways of large bearing rings and railway bearings, is increasing year by year.

  • Rail transport

  More than 60KG steel rail full-length induction hardening is the main way to improve their strength and toughness. In addition, induction hardening of locomotive parts includes internal combustion engine-related parts, such as crankshafts, gears, shafts, etc.

  • Oil Rig

  The oil pipes, sucker rods, and couplings used in the petroleum industry are all using the induction hardening method.

  • Metallurgical machinery

  The roller adopts dual frequency induction hardening to achieve the best heating depth, others such as large modulus gear, steel pipe weld induction annealing, or tempering.

  • Textile machinery

  Spinning spindles and other parts are induction hardening and tempering.

  • Building materials industry

  There are mainly stress relief steel quenching and weld annealing, pipe pile steel wire, sleeper steel wire induction heat treatment production line, and so on.

  • Shipbuilding industry

  Induction hardening and tempering are used for marine engine crankshafts, etc. Induction heating can also be used for the thermal correction of steel plate distortion.

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Why choose KETCHAN automatic induction heat treating machine?

  • Zhengzhou KETCHAN has its own induction heat treatment lab center.
  • China heat treatment membership company.
  • We have our own induction heat treatment database.
  • We have provided thousands of automatic induction heat treatment machine systems for our users in the last 20 years.
  • We have more than 20 years of technical team to fast provide the induction heat treatment system technical solutions.
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