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Brazing of copper Y, Y Branch, Y Joint, Branch Piping

  Induction brazing is an advanced method with high speed, no pollution, and high consistency of welding results. At present, the copper pipe, aluminum pipe, and copper and aluminum components in the HVAC and refrigeration industry are changing from traditional flame welding to induction brazing. We believe that this trend is irreversible.

  Copper air conditioner y branch, y joint, branch piping, refnet pipe is very important for central air conditioning pipeline installation and operation. It is used to divert the refrigerant in the pipeline to the indoor unit in the central air conditioning multi-line installation system. Its role is to connect the indoor machine with the copper pipe so that the refrigerant is circulated in the copper pipe, to achieve the effect of refrigeration and refrigeration. Spread the heat.

The Piping of copper Y, Y Branch, Y Joint welding with induction heating has the following characteristics: smooth and clean outer/inner surface, free of stains and rust. All passed the pressure test. No air leakage, and no water leakage. Long service life, recyclable.

  Our induction brazing machines can be combined with automation equipment for mass production.

Brazing process with two solder joints

Brazing process with one solder joints

Brazing of copper Y Y Branch Y Joint Branch Piping 4
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