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Closed Loop Water Cooling System

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What is closed-loop water cooling system?

  Closed-loop water cooling system also can be called a closed cooling tower or evaporative air cooler. The closed cooling tower uses the principle of absorbing heat when water evaporates to cool the cooled liquid. The spray water is stored in the collection basin at the bottom of the cooling tower, and the working fluid is closed in the closed cooling tower cooling coil. The spray water is evenly sprayed on the PVC pre-cooling filler by the spray pump through the water distribution system and the spray head. The water in the PVC heat exchange layer is cooled by the passing air, the temperature is lowered, and falls on the surface of the cooling coil, a small part of the water is evaporated, and the heat is absorbed; the other part of the water enters the bottom water collecting tray, and then is distributed by the spray system to the surface of the cooling coil. The PVC pre-cools the filler and the surface of the cooling coil so that the circulating cooling is carried out to reduce the temperature of the working liquid flowing through the cooling coil.
  In recent years, closed-loop water cooling towers have been widely used in metallurgy, aviation, electric power, chemical industry, machinery, petroleum, food, plastic, rubber, and other industries.

Diagram of Closed Loop Water Cooling System 1 jpg The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer Closed Loop Water Cooling System

What is closed-loop water cooling system technical advantages?

  The closed-loop water cooling tower is a kind of closed cooler, which is used in the modern manufacturing industry. This equipment that needs water for cooling is very common. The traditional water cooling method consumes a lot of water, and the equipment maintenance and operation cost is high, also it is not in line with the environmental protection and energy saving strategy. So produced the closed-loop water cooling system. This working fluid of the cooling tower is circulated in a closed manner, copper tubes, aluminum fins, etc. are used as heat conductors, and heat is exchanged through the air. The notable features of using a closed cooling tower are no scale, no scale formation (stable circulating water quality), high heat exchange efficiency, and low operating costs.

  • Because the circulating cooling medium of the closed cooling tower is fully closed circulating cooling, there are no sundries entering the cooling pipeline system, resulting in pipeline blockage, ensuring the purity of the medium;
  • The circulating water needs to be cooled by soft water circulation, and no scale will be generated at high temperature, which will not cause scaling inside the cooled host system and improve the service life of the machine’s main body.
  • Small footprint, can be moved according to need, do not need to excavate the pool, save water, reduce energy consumption;
  • Adopt air cooling, water evaporation and heat absorption dual cooling method, high cooling efficiency;
  • Due to the closed cycle, the medium is not affected by the environment and will not pollute the environment. It can directly cool water, oil, alcohol, quenching liquid, salt water, and chemical liquid, and other media, with no loss of medium and stable composition;
  • Efficient water collector, control the drift rate of running ≤001%;
  • The high air duct design ensures that the air volume of the equipment can meet the cooling requirements;
  • The box adopts closed circulation to prevent debris from entering the tower and causing spray blockage;
  • Dual-loop circulation can be designed according to user equipment requirements, even if one loop fails, the other loop can still operate normally;
  • The design of the unit is beautiful and generous, with an automatic digital display, and the operation and maintenance are simple and easy.
Closed Loop Water Cooling System applications 1 jpg The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer Closed Loop Water Cooling System

How to select the suitable closed-loop water cooling tower?

Closed Loop Water Cooling System Selection of parameters 1 jpg The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer Closed Loop Water Cooling System
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