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Concrete Pump Tube Inner Surface Hardening Machine

1. Digital concrete pump pipe inner surface induction hardening.
2. Customized tube inner hole induction hardening system.
3. Induction heating hardening pipe length upto 3.5m.
4. Fast heating speed, energy-saving a lot.
5. It is a turnkey pipe induction hardening project.

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1. Overview of concrete pump tube quenching equipment:

  One of the keys to the quality and life of the concrete pump tube depends on the precision of the inner wall of the concrete pump tube and the quenching process requirements. The concrete pump pipe is made of special material steel pipe, which has been quenched and carburized on the inner wall. The hardness of the flange bushing reaches 58-60 degrees, and the service life of the pipe is increased by 3-5 times, which saves the user time and cost, eliminates the need for the trouble of frequent replacement improves production efficiency.

  The performance and life of the unquenched concrete pump pipe and the quenched concrete pump pipe are different. The quenched concrete pump pipe can transport nearly ten thousand cubic meters of concrete.

2.Technical parameters& processes of Concrete pump tube inner surface hardening machine

  • Using ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN concrete pump tube inner Surface induction hardening equipment, the inner wall quenching of Φ125-Φ200 concrete pump tube can be successfully carried out. The main technical parameters are as follows:
Model Control Mode Rated power Frequency
KQD-120/100 Fully digital embedded control software 120KW 20-80KHZ
  • Hardening adopts a low-loss, high-insulation coaxial structure, and the length of the quenched concrete tube is less than 3500. The withstand voltage between the sensor poles is 3000V. The induction front end adopts a quick-connect type, which is convenient for customers to use.
  • The technical instructions achieved by the quenching equipment for the inner wall of the concrete pump tube: quenching hardness: HRC55, quenching travel speed: 300-400mm per minute, and a 3-meter concrete tube takes about 10 minutes. Hardened layer depth: 1.5-1.8mm, quenching water temperature lower than 45 ℃.
  • Assistant equipment for the induction quenching equipment for the inner wall of the pump tube: To harden the concrete tube, there are two movements:
  1. The first one is rotation: the purpose is to quench evenly, such as a slight difference between the butt joints of the two poles of the inductor and the surroundings of the inductor. After the top is sprayed with water, the water will drip down immediately. And the lower part is always immersed in water, all these factors are solved by rotation.
     Rotation speed: about 120 rpm, which is too low to meet the requirements. Too high is easy to cause tremors (the straightness of the tube itself is not too high). Stepless speed regulation is required.
  2. The concrete pipe moves forward and backward along the axis. The advance is for quenching, the speed is 100mm-500mm/min, the axial stroke is 4000mm, and the speed is stepless. With a fast backward function, the speed can be about 3000mm per minute, and stepless speed regulation is required.
Concrete Pump Tube Inner Surface Hardening Machine 2

3. Features of Concrete pump tube inner surface hardening machine

  • The frequency of the Concrete pump tube inner surface hardening machine can be based on the requirements of the workpiece processed by the user, generally 25-35KHZ, the suitable hardness is 2-4mm, and the quenching hardness meets the requirements.
  • The speed is 1/3 faster than the intermediate frequency, without the whistling noise of the thyristor intermediate frequency, and the deformation is small.
  • The induction hardening coil has fine workmanship and is specially used for the coaxial water-cooling structure for quenching the inner wall of the concrete pump tube.
  • Using German Siemens IGBT power tube and unique inverter technology, the efficiency is 30%-40% higher than the old-fashioned thyristor intermediate frequency, and the electricity is saved by 30%-40%.
  • With digital control system, the heating temperature is more precise.
  • With a high power factor, the pollution to the grid is low.
  • This equipment complies with the internationally accepted 3S standards (SURE reliability, SAFE safety, SAVING saving), and 3C standards (COOL low temperature, CLEAN clean, CLAM quiet).
  • It has its own digital communication output interface to facilitate joint control with external related equipment and realize the automatic operation of the production line.
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