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Copper Tube Induction Brazing Machine

1. HVAC copper tube induction brazing machine.
2. PLC touch screen, can set segmented heating.
3. Process data can be preset and stored.
4. Built-in industrial chiller, easy to install.
5. Suitable for all kinds of parts brazing situations.
6. We are a direct manufacturer with CE and SGS.

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What is copper tube induction brazing machine?

  Copper tube induction brazing is a welding method that uses high frequency, medium frequency, or power frequency induced current as a heat source. High-frequency induction heating is suitable for induction welding thin-walled pipe fittings. Adopt coaxial cable and split induction coil to do the remote induction brazing jobs. It is especially suitable for induction welding certain large components, such as the pipe joints on rockets that need to be disassembled. It is also often used in pin welding in the electronic industry to heat the solder joints in the area at the same time, and send the tin wire to the solder joint through the tin feeding mechanism to complete the welding. And for this copper tube induction brazing machine, is mostly used in the HVAC fields for the copper tube to tube brazing, copper pipe to brass fittings induction brazing jobs.

Copper Tube Induction Brazing Machine Application 6 jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Copper Tube Induction Brazing Machine

What is copper tube induction brazing machine technical advantages?

  Copper tubes induction brazing machine adopts DSP digital control system and coaxial transformer with small size and lightweight. It is a highly integrated power supply specially designed for supporting industrial robots, automation equipment, and a manual hand-held heating coil. Because of the following features, it is widely used in copper tube induction brazing, curing, thermal expansion, quenching, straightening, etc fields.

  • Handheld copper tube induction brazing machine can be used for complex and inaccessible workpieces or workshop locations, small size, space-saving, and easy to move and operate.
  • With DSP digital precise control system, realizes multi-stage heating curve programming, the heating time can be accurate to 0.1 seconds, realizes various operating parameters display, rich interfaces, and can store more than 20 pieces equipment operating parameters.
  • Increased productivity: Fast, easy-to-use, precise and repeatable heat transfer increases productivity.
  • Improve the working environment: no flame, no gas and no heat radiation, so that the operator has a more comfortable and environmentally friendly working environment. This increases productivity while protecting the natural environment.
  • Portable mobility and application versatility allow you to accomplish a wide variety of induction heating brazing tasks.
  • Reduce costs: Efficient and precise heating processes.
  • The induction brazing heating temperature is low, the joint is smooth and flat, the change of structure and mechanical properties is small, the deformation is small, and the size of the workpiece is accurate.
  • Copper tube induction brazing machine can weld the same metal and dissimilar materials, and there is no strict limit on the thickness difference of the workpiece.

What is copper tube induction brazing machine applications?

These years, our copper tube induction brazing machine sells very well, mainly in the following fields.

  • It is used in refrigeration and HVAC industry, automobile industry, household appliance industry, medical equipment industry copper tube brazing solutions.、
  • Adaptation technology: air conditioning and refrigeration valve parts, refrigerator freezer pipeline parts, solar energy parts, compressor parts, washing machines (tube-to-tube connection, tube-to-shell connection, tube-to-valve connection induction brazing.), auto part evaporators and compressors connection tube s part induction brazing processes, motor short-circuit ring induction brazing, etc.

How to find the induction brazing solutions?

   Induction brazing refers to the lower melting point filler metal material and the brazing parts heat to the melting temperature at the same time, and the filler metal is used to fill the gap of the solid workpiece to make the metal join together. Induction brazing welding is divided into hard brazing and soft brazing according to the different melting points of the solder.

  When ordering this type of copper tube induction brazing machine, please update us on the following brazing parts details, so that we can find suitable induction brazing solutions for your jobs.

  • Brazing parts material, size, shape details, drawings, or pictures are better.
  • Brazing soldering flux material.
  • Brazing temperature request.

  So that we can confirm the suitable induction brazing machine type and model.

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