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Crane Wheel Induction Hardening Machine

1. Automated crane wheel induction hardening machine.
2. With overall hardening and scanning hardening methods.
3. It is widely used all kinds of different wheels hardening.
4. The hardening result is uniform, no soft belt.
5. Perfect after sales service, support oversea installation.
6. We are direct manufacturer, reasonable price.

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What is crane wheel induction hardening machine?

   Support wheel, crane wheel is one of the four wheels of crawler construction machinery chassis, its main role is to support the weight of excavator and bulldozer so that the crawler along with the wheels. The support wheel is subjected to tremendous friction during its operation. Therefore, the support wheel and crane wheel require high hardness, wear resistance, and service life. In order to meet the wheel’s induction heat treatment requests, now more and more manufacturers use crane wheel induction hardening machines for quenching heat treatment of support wheels and crane wheels, the effect is very good.

How to do the crane wheel induction hardening process?

  This support wheel, crane wheel induction hardening machine adopts the workpiece horizontal movement method. It can be connected with the upper and lower sequence equipment for fully automated production. This complete support wheel, crane wheel induction hardening machine can provide a multi-station automatic induction quenching line, which is connected with the upper and lower processes to automatically complete the full material turning, and realize the automatic quenching of the upper and lower threads by one-time clamping of the guide wheel, crane wheel, support wheels. Greatly improve production efficiency, save energy, shorten product processing cycle, and reduce logistics costs. The crane wheels induction hardening equipment is composed of a feeding and moving mechanism, positioning mechanism, and workpiece rotation mechanism. The machine tool heating coil has the function of moving in the X/Y axis direction. The workpiece spindle is equipped with a speed-regulating drive mechanism and CNC numerical control system, which can realize the overall heating and quenching of the quenched parts.

  • Overall induction hardening method: After the workpiece is clamped, the set process program is started, the workpiece rotation is delayed, and the equipment heats the workpiece so that the heating temperature of the workpiece is more uniform. When the workpiece reaches the induction quenching temperature the heating time is set by the program), the heating stops, the liquid spray cools, the rotation stops, and the workpiece is removed to complete a quenching cycle.
  • Induction scanning hardening method: when do the wheels scanning harden. After the workpiece is clamped, start the set process, workpiece rotation delay, equipment heating start, workpiece vertical movement, spray cooling, running to the set distance point, heating stop, rotation stop, spray stop, take off the workpiece to complete a whole induction quenching processing cycle.
  • The support wheel, guide wheel, and crane wheel induction quenching process all can be programmed in the machine tool control system to control the execution of the entire process and realize one-key operation.
Crane Wheel Induction Hardening Machine applications 1 1 jpg The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer Crane Wheel Induction Hardening Machine

What is crane wheel induction hardening machine application?

   ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN induction hardening power supply covers frequency 0.5-500KHz, power from 8kw-1000kw. It is widely used in induction heating such as induction quenching, induction tempering, and induction forging in the fields of auto parts, aerospace, aviation, and new energy. A variety of special CNC induction quenching machine tools and other special complete sets of induction heat treatment equipment have been developed, and are equipped with a powerful central control system. The water cooling adopts a closed cycle system, which can be equipped with energy monitoring and infrared temperature measurement to precisely control the heating process. The crane wheel induction hardening machine can also be used in the following induction heating field:

  • Automobile part: half shaft, crankshaft, ball pin, regulating wheel, spline shaft, drive shaft, steering knuckle, rocker arm, shift shaft, water pump shaft, valve sleeve, gear, etc
  • Engineering machinery: Sprocket, gear, support wheel, oil drill pipe, guide wheel, rotary support, chain rail joint, track, pin sleeve, hook body.
  • Equipment and other parts: Cylinder liner, motor shaft, elevator wheel, bearing housing, machine guide rail, linear guide wheel, lead screw, high-strength bolt, large rack.
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