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Delivery of Automated Induction Brazing Machine

linear table automated induction brazing machine 1

  After 35 working days of production, the linear table automated induction brazing machine ordered by the Indian customer has completed factory commissioning. Now it’s packed and waiting for the delivery truck to pick it up. After 15 days of shipping, the equipment will arrive at the customer’s workshop. We will arrange for engineers to guide the installation. Thank customers for their trust in our products, and look forward to our products bringing more benefits to customers. We’ll keep in touch.

  The linear table is a device that moves the parts along a straight line for brazing.  The linear table automatic induction brazing equipment uses induction heating to join metal parts with a filler metal. Induction heating is a process that uses an electromagnetic field to heat the metal parts without direct contact. This set of equipment is suitable for a large output of a single workpiece.

  Some possible applications of this equipment are:

  • Brazing metal joints.
  • Brazing copper tubes for air conditioners or refrigerators.
  • Brazing carbide tips to saw blades or drill bits.
  • Brazing metal connectors for electrical components.
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