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Dies and molds Induction Preheating machine

Working principle of dies and molds induction preheating machine

The dies and mold induction preheating machine’s main structure is composed of two parts, the combined use of the variable frequency power supply cabinet and the electromagnetic heating wire assembly. Its working principle is to invert the three-phase power frequency power supply through the variable frequency power supply control cabinet into a dual-frequency power supply signal with adjustable frequency and transmit it to the electromagnetic heating wire assembly. This Dies and molds Induction Preheating Machine system uses electromagnetic heaters and entanglement heaters to generate induced eddy currents to directly heat the workpiece, fully convert electrical energy into heat energy, and quickly heat the workpiece.

 It is suitable for applications such as molds and dies, pipelines, hot-loading of large workpieces, and preheating for hot-disassembly welding. It has the advantages of wide adaptability, adjustable power, high power factor, energy saving, convenient operation, superior performance, and reliable quality.

dies and molds induction preheating machine application

Dies and molds Induction Preheating Machine technical data



Input voltage

Three phases 3X380V±15%

Input voltage range


Oscillating frequency


Impedance matching series

3~5  grade

Machine weight

About 35KG

Oscillating frequency


Max power


Continuous running power


Duty cycle

100%(40℃ environment temperature)


Integrated air cooling machine

Machine size


The dies and molds induction preheating machine technical features:

  • dies and mold induction preheating machine is mainly aimed at metal workpiece heating, energy for electricity, and no gas or dust pollution to the workshop environment.
  • Stable performance: reasonable design, complete protection, with over pressure, over current, water temperature, water pressure, and other protection, digital panel display is more intuitive, can continue to work uninterrupted. The load duration rate of the machine is 100%, and can adapt to continuous heating occasions;
  • By setting the heating temperature, the customized machine can obtain a reasonable heating curve during the heating process and can store and display real-time data. Through the analysis of heating data and the actual requirements of the workpiece, the heating process can be reasonably adjusted by the user, so as to improve the heating efficiency.
  • Heating temperature is not easy to exceed 600 degrees loss of magnetic temperature, more than 600 degrees need to be customized.
  • Advanced and reliable technology: the use of IGBT imported from Germany as power devices.
  • High efficiency and energy saving: self-adaptive resonant circuit, making it work at the resonant point, the device loss is slight, high working efficiency, the overall loss is small, 40% energy saving than the valve type, 30% energy saving than the SCR medium frequency, 20% energy saving than the traditional analog induction heating equipment.
  • Fast heating, uniform heating, workpiece without oxidation layer.
  • Air-cooled equipment, small size, lightweight, easy installation, no water cooling, three-phase five-wire power supply.
  • This machine adopts a dual-channel modular design, each area 30-100 kW, and divided power control can be selected according to the size of the workpiece to turn on the equipment power.

Induction heating coil and heating blanket introduction

  Induction heating coil heating blanket and fixed type: It is the part that heats the workpiece when the equipment is working. The inside of the coil is made of high-temperature electromagnetic wire, and the outside is packaged with a high-temperature resistant insulating cloth. Type heaters and heating tapes can be wrapped around the weld of the workpiece or where they need to be dismantled for heating!

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