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Double Stations Induction Brazing Machine

1. IGBT Double stations induction brazing machine.
2. Both working stations are protected by nitrogen.
3. Fast induction welding speed, mass production.
4. Uniform brazing results, in less oxidation.
5. Intelligent man-machine interface display.
6. Easy to install and operate, green environment.

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Why use double stations induction brazing machine?

 Zhengzhou KETCHAN’s intelligent double stations induction brazing machine is designed for the HVAC pipe parts, fittings induction brazing projects, it has been in the market for more than 10 years and these years for meeting different parts fast mass production speed requests, we are updating the induction machines always, to make its functions more stable and production result is more uniform.

  This type of double station induction brazing machine matches the double servo lift up and down the system to realize any position, any time, any power, section, or continuous induction heating, making this induction brazing welding system much wider brazing fields. Also, this induction machine matches the Nitrogen protection function, ensuring the brazed parts have less oxidation, and the finished parts look more tidy and beautiful.

Double stations induction brazing machine 9 1 jpg KETCHAN Induction Double Stations Induction Brazing Machine

What is double stations induction brazing machine applications?

  • Double stations induction brazing machine is mainly suitable for induction welding copper joints and pipe fittings, stainless steel joints and pipe fittings, end caps and valve bodies, stainless steel and steel, copper, aluminum parts, and other devices;
  • The double-station copper joint high-frequency welding machine is designed for brazing of joints, faucets, and pipe fittings in air-conditioning and refrigeration accessories and the sanitary ware industry. It solves the problem of artificial flame brazing, reduces labor intensity, and improves productivity and quality;
  • Induction brazing faucets, compressor parts, dishwasher heating parts, washing machines (pipe-to-pipe connections, pipe-to-shell connections, pipe-to-valve connections), faucet brazing (pipe-to-base connections, screw sleeves).
  • Connections of aluminum evaporators and compressors in AC systems (pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-case, pipe-to-case); steel and copper parts such as brake pads and oil pipes induction brazing welding solutions.
  • Fittings such as pipe joints, distributor tailpipes, solenoid valves, etc. It is also suitable for the induction brazing welding of brass, copper, stainless steel joints, and pipelines with straight pipes at the upper end and the straight pipes are within 100mm;
  • Double-station induction brazing machine can be used for hardware bathroom products, refrigeration copper accessories, lighting accessories, precision mold accessories, hardware handles, egg beaters, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper, copper and copper, and other metals of the same or dissimilar metals. Silver welding and copper induction brazing;

  Also, due to the variety of air-conditioning accessories, different manufacturer requests are different, and the final finished induction brazing equipment form and function may also different. So please let me know your brazing parts details as more as possible, so that we can customize the most commercial induction brazing systems according to the different workpiece.

How to select suitable double stations induction brazing machine?

Item Data Item Data
Input voltage 3×460V+1×Zero Chip speed 72MHz
Frequency 50Hz Heating current setting segments 5 segments (expandable to 32 segments)
Rated current 60A Setting accuracy of heating time 0.1S
Rated apparent power (15-60) KVA Whether process parameters are set to encrypt Password lock
Maximum apparent power (18-72) KVA LCD 3.5-inch true color display, resolution 320×240
Recommended circuit breaker current 32~125A Working current display mode Machining current curve display
Rated output power (12-60) KW Alarm interface Over current, over pressure, under water, under pressure, lack of phase, overheating
Maximum output power (18-70) KW Communication interface DB-9 and 4-core aviation plug
Output power adjustment range 8~100% Bus access RS485(suggest), Profibus(optional),CANbus(optional)
Output frequency 10~55Khz adjustable Memory card type SD card(Store more than 360 days of processing data and alarm data)
Control mode All digital embedded control software Data analysis software It is installed and operated under Windows, and has the functions of processing data analysis, processing data comparison, searching specific processing workpiece parameters and alarm parameters, etc
Main control chip ARM STM32 Minimum flow of cooling water 10L/min
Maximum cooling water temperature 40℃ Ambient temperature +5℃~+50℃
Cooling water pressure 4/6bar (depends on different coils) Cooling water quality -PH value 7.0~9.0
Double stations induction brazing machine 6 jpg KETCHAN Induction Double Stations Induction Brazing Machine

What is double stations induction brazing machine features?

  • Simple interface design

  KETCHAN’s electronic double station induction brazing machine very simple interface design to bring you a different man-machine interaction experience, easy to learn and use. On the touch screen, you can control the system welding time, welding position, and welding power, and you can continuously heat t in sections so that the equipment all the functions can be controlled by one display screen.

  • All aluminum alloy working surface

  KETCHAN’s double stations induction brazing system adopts aluminum alloy worktops, 304 stainless steel tooling and stainless steel sink, good-looking and durable, long service life, never rust, adding jig on the workbench is very convenient, high flexibility, strong versatility.

  • Comprehensive protection measures

  KETCHAN’s double station induction welding system is equipped with nitrogen protection, natural cooling, air cooling, and water cooling functions. When welding, the product is filled with nitrogen to protect it from oxidation. When the welding is completed, it can realize natural cooling to solidify the solder, then the air cooling is rapid, and then the water cooling is finally so that the welding product can be cooled to a low temperature in a very short time, and the final product appearance can be guaranteed.

  • Convenient cross tooling

  KETCHAN’s double station induction machine left and right stations are equipped with a cross tooling, cross tooling can adjust the welding products in the center of the heating ring, very convenient to realize the left and right front and back adjustment of the product, convenient to quickly realize the center positioning of the product, to ensure the quality of welding.

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