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Gold Melting Furnace

1. Gold melting furnace is for precious metal melting.
2. The melting speed is 2 minutes each time.
3. Functions and quality are stable.
4. With temperature controller.
5. It has electromagnetic stirring function.
6. With Industrial chiller.

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  This series of gold melting furnaces is mainly used for the jewelry industry and laboratory research units. ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN develops and produces induction heating power supply and gold melting furnace body independently, eliminating outsourcing cost and achieving higher cost performance. Strong technical strength makes the furnace quality is more stable. The gold melting furnace can be used for pure graphite crucible and quartz crucible rapid melting, melting time is short, high thermal efficiency, easy to operate, at the same time the heating power has the electromagnetic stirring function, without stirring rod metal, can be evenly melted;  The ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN induction smelter also offers better value for money than other facilities.  

What are KETCHAN's gold melting furnace features?

  • For melting different materials and different melting volumes, one can choose different gold melting furnace power levels.
  • It is mainly suitable for all kinds of metal smelting below 6kg, especially for gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals induction smelting.
  • The gold melting furnace melting time is 1~5 minutes.
  • Small volume, lightweight, and easy to move.
  • Energy-saving, power consumption depends on the melting material, it is relative to the same power tube high-frequency machine energy saving three quarters, relative to other heating methods (such as gas, electric furnace, gas furnace, coking coal, etc.) cost is also greatly reduced;
  • Easy to operate and install. Its output end without ten thousand volts high voltage, avoid the danger of high voltage electric shock, installation and operation only ten minutes can be fully learned and on duty operation; 
  • No need for preheating and super-fast heating speed, greatly reducing the workpiece deformation degree.
  • With electromagnetic stirring function, without stirring bar;
  • The gold melting furnace is equipped with a temperature controller, display, and control metal temperature, to improve the melting quality a lot.
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How to operate the gold melting furnace?

  ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN’s gold melting furnace can work 24 hours continuously. The melting speed is faster, about 2 minutes for each furnace. The highest melting temperature can reach 1600-200 degrees.

How to choose the gold melting furnace chiller?

  • With a Simple circulating water tank, low cost, unable to control water temperature;

  Water pump selection: recommended to use the booster pump: power 550W-750W, 30-50 meters Yang self-priming clear water pump; Water tank: 1m³.

  • With 3p Industrial chiller: slightly higher cost, with self-cooling function, can well control the water temperature.

What is ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN's gold melting furnace after-sales service?

  • Before sales: We will communicate with the users about the melting material, and melting speed request so that we can confirm the suitable gold melting furnace models.
  • In sales: We will do the gold melting furnace as per the users’ requests, and meanwhile, we will do some tests to ensure the melting quality.
  • After-sales: We provide 24 hours technical service and also help to train your workers until they can operate it easily.
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