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Handheld Heating Machine

1. IGBT handheld heating machine with PLC control.
2. Main components are with the International brand.
3. With self patented DSP control cards technology.
4. Can match long cable length 20m.
5. Widely used in the HVAC factories.

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Handheld Heating Machine Technical Features

  • Machine structures: our handheld induction heating machine adopts the combined machine box with combined the induction heating machine and the chiller together and also has the wheels for ease to move.
  • Machine seal: All of our handheld heating machines have good seals, can up to IP54 protection level. To make sure that the machine can work in a complex environment. Ensure all of the machine components can work in the best states.
  • Main components: All of our handheld heating machine’s main components all adopt the international brand to make sure the machine can run for a long time.
  • Industrial chiller: The industrial chiller we have matched with the induction heating machine is bigger than other suppliers. And the industrial chiller temperature controller is stable to make sure the handheld heating machine works in a safe environment.
  • Machine overall details: When you open the handheld heating machine box, you can see that all the wires have marks on them, it is very beautiful and tidy to make sure that when the machine has problems easy to check and maintain.
  • Machine color and appearance design: The machine appearance, color, and logo can be customized as per our user willings.

How to choose the suitable handheld heating machine frequency?

  When doing the different metal parts induction heating jobs, one should not only choose the suitable handheld heating machine power but also should choose the suitable frequency levels during the real induction heating period. Normally for the power, the faster the heating speed you need, the higher the power level should be. The lower frequency is deeper the hardening depth should be.

  • Medium frequency range: 0.1-20KHZ
  • High frequency range:20-100KHZ
  • Ultrahigh frequency range: 100-1100KHZ.

What are the handheld heating machine application ranges?

  Our handheld heating machine is mainly used in the HVAC field, such as air conditioning heat exchangers, the condenser, distributors, refrigerator accessories, Automobile air conditioning ducts, car radiators, solar pipe fitting, water heater copper pipe, compressor copper tubes, etc.

Handheld Heating Machine application 1 jpg KETCHAN Induction Handheld Heating Machine

Why Choose Ketchan handheld heating machine?

  • You are a manufacturer or an end-user?

  We are a manufacturer and we have been in the induction heating fields since 2000. And has served thousands of heat treatment factories.

  • What is your handheld heating machine power and frequency range?

  These years, we are developing with our user’s different applications ranges, and we are keep learning and updating our induction heating systems always to try to find suitable handheld heating machine solutions for each of our users.

  • What is your payment terms?

   We accept the T/T and L/C payment method.

  • How can a get a quote faster?

  You can list your heating parts details as possible, drawings with technical requests will be better. So that we can get clear about your heating workpiece better and give you a faster quotation sheet accordingly.

  • Do you have CE certification?

  Yes, all of our handheld heating machines have CE, SGS, and ISO certifications.

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