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Handheld Induction Heater

1. All handheld induction heater with Siemens IGBT.
2. All induction heaters with one-stop service.
3. Mainly used for copper tube induction brazing.
4. Handheld induction heater with stable quality.
5. Easy to operate and install.
6. With perfect after-sales service.

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Handheld induction heater model choice

  Most of the handheld induction heaters are used in the customer’s workshop, the induction heater position is fixed, the induction heating coil is fixed and not move, just move to the workpiece to the induction heating coils for industrial induction heating.

  But in actual industrial induction heating process applications, there are many applications cases that require the induction heating coils to move, so under this condition, the handheld induction heaters come into being.

Handheld induction heater features

  • Because the current on the cable and the induction coils are the same, during the working period, the cable consumes a lot of energy. So we suggest that use the length of the cables is as short as possible.
  • The handheld induction heater cable is short and normally no more than 5m.
  • Normally under these normal conditions, the shorter flexible cables, the higher working efficiency, and also the shorter coaxial water-cooled cables, the lower cost will be.
  • When using the flexible induction coils, the handheld induction heater needs to be customized, according to the real induction heating parts, we can do the different induction heating coils shapes and sizes.
  • Because the longer flexible cable will consume more energy, we suggest choosing a much bigger power handheld induction heaters.
  • The handheld induction heater series normally power from 5KW-160KW and the heating head length is 3-5m lone, mostly used for transformer copper joints induction brazing welding, copper tube online induction welding, surface induction heating coating, and other field induction heating applications. In some special induction heating cases, the cable length can be 20-40m, which is suitable for remote induction heating.

Handheld induction heaters applications

  Handheld high-frequency induction heater, high-frequency brazing machine can be used for copper pipe, copper bar induction welding.

  • Mobile induction brazing of air conditioning copper tube in the refrigeration industry.
  • Mobile induction brazing welding of automobile parts.
  • Mobile induction brazing of aluminum tubes.
  • Induction brazing of power transformer joints.
  • Mould induction heating.
  • Weld preheating.
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