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High Frequency Copper Brazing Equipment

High frequency Copper brazing equipment is used for induction brazing HVAC/R copper tubes, brass fittings, copper pipes, aluminum tubes, etc. Portable copper brazing equipment.

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  High frequency copper brazing equipment is mainly used in the refrigeration and HVAC industry, automotive industry, medical equipment, etc.

Copper brazing technical process

  Adaptation technology: air conditioning and refrigeration valve parts, refrigerator freezer pipeline parts, solar energy parts, compressor parts, washing machines (connection of pipes to pipes, connections of pipes to shells, connections of pipes to valves), evaporators and compressors in auto parts The connection of the motor, the short-circuit ring of the motor and other induction brazing processes.

High Frequency Copper Brazing Equipment applications The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer High Frequency Copper Brazing Equipment

Why use induction brazing not flame brazing?

  • Handheld Induction brazing can be achieved for complex and inaccessible workpieces or workshop locations, small size, space-saving, easy to move, and simple to operate.
  • Eliminates the need to handle or store bulk workpieces near the brazing equipment while brazing, ideal for in-line brazing.
  • More comfortable working environment, the working environment of flame heating is harsh, thus reducing the enthusiasm and production efficiency of operators, while induction heating is quiet and comfortable, and will not cause the surrounding environment to heat up.
  • The controllability and precise heat transfer of induction heating minimize the risk of overheating, thus avoiding damage to the heated workpiece and reducing wastage.
  • High frequency, stable heating output, no vibration in working heating, ensure accurate welding position and can weld extremely fine metals with a minimum diameter of 0.1mm. Inductors can be customized according to different shapes of workpieces.
  • Reduce costs: Efficient and precise heating process means you can get things done right the first time. Minimize scrap, rework, and energy consumption.

Technical data sheet


Portable high frequency copper brazing equipment

Control model

DSP digital control

Working mode

Manual, automatic, temperature control, etc.

Working interface display

Time, current, frequency, current time curve

Alarm interface

Over-current, lack of water, over-voltage, lack of phase, overload, loss of control, etc.





Input power factor


Input voltage

220V/380V/415V/440V/480V 50/60HZ

Inlet water temperature


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