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High Frequency Induction Quenching Machine

1. Automated high frequency induction quenching machine.
2. Match with CNC induction quenching machine tool.
3. Customized Induction quenching coils.
4. One-machine design, more convenient, more beautiful.
5. Reasonable structure, stable functions.
6. We are a direct manufacturer with CE, SGS, and ISO9001.

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What’s high frequency induction quenching machine?

  High-frequency induction quenching machine equipment is using electromagnetic induction heating principle, directly heating the workpiece to a certain temperature, and then rapidly cooling, heating workpiece surface hardness and wear resistance to a certain extent to improve heating equipment.

What’s high frequency induction quenching machine structure?

  The complete high frequency induction quenching machine system consists of the following parts:

  • Induction heating machine power supply: The quenching layer depth is mainly determined by the frequency of the induction heating machine power supply. The higher the frequency, the smaller the penetration depth, and the lower frequency the deep quenching depth. Induction heating machine power supply frequency range can divide medium frequency(1-30KHZ), high frequency(10-60KHZ), and ultrahigh frequency(400-800Khz) induction heating machine. The hardening depth is strictly related to the induction heating machine frequency ranges.
  • CNC induction hardening machine tool: The induction quenching machine tool is a mechanical transmission mechanism for clamping and feeding the workpiece when quenching, which avoids the defects of different quenching quality caused by manual feeding.
  • Closed-loop water cooling system: When the induction heating machine equipment is working normally, heating the workpiece will certainly produce heat, which requires the use of a circulating cooling water system to cool the induction power supply and workpiece parts, so that it can ensure the normal temperature needed for the work.
  • Induction hardening coil: The induction hardening coil needs to be customized according to the workpiece size and the specific quenching process.  Many shaft inductors use cylindrical inductors, some special cases using copying inductors;  The quench inductor with an inner hole needs to be equipped with magnetic flux to guide the magnetic field outward.  Planar quenching inductor general flat type also has U inductor.
structural map of Shaft High Frequency Induction Quenching Machine jpg KETCHAN Induction High Frequency Induction Quenching Machine

Why choose KETCHAN's high frequency induction quenching machine?

  • Integrated design: Induction heating host, cooling system, control system, spraying mechanism, and other integrated design in one body and provide the full pipeline connections details. Easy to install.
  • Multi-stage heating: It is precisely controlled by PLC to achieve multi-stage induction heating.
  • Convenient parameter setting: Adjust fixture and heating process according to different workpiece replacement, set heating time, power level, spraying time, and other procedures, control mode is divided into manual and automatic ones.
  • Multiple parameter display: Realize a variety of operating parameters display, can store 10 groups of process parameters.
  • Reliable Performance: 100% load continuous design, can work continuously for 24 hours.
  • Rich interface: It CAN access all kinds of monitoring instrument data, rS-485, Profibus, CAN, and other industrial buses.

What are the safety operating specifications for a high-frequency induction quenching machine?

  • Only two or more people are allowed to operate a high-frequency induction quenching machine, and the operator should be designated. Wear insulation shoes, gloves, and other protective equipment as required.
  • The operator must be familiar with the operation rules of high-frequency induction quenching equipment and should check whether the cooling system of the equipment is normal before starting up, and then power on, and operate strictly according to the operation rules.
  • All machine doors should be closed before work, and an electric interlocking device should be installed to ensure that the machine door can not be sent before closing. After the high pressure is closed, it is forbidden to come to the rear of the machine at will, and it is forbidden to open the machine door. 
  • Burr, iron filings, and oil stains should be removed from the workpiece, otherwise, it is easy to arc with the induction coils when heated. The arc light produced by the arc will not only damage vision but also easily damage the induction coil and equipment. 
  • High frequency induction quenching machines should be kept clean, dry, and dust-free. If an abnormal phenomenon is found in the work, the high voltage should be cut off first, and then check and troubleshoot the fault.
  • When using the CNC induction quenching machine tools, the safety regulations concerning electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic transmission should be observed. When moving the induction quenching machine tools, dumping should be prevented.
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