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High Frequency Welding Machine

1. Siemens IGBT high frequency welding machine.
2. Match suitable welding rings, green to the environment.
3. Fast welding speed, wide application ranges.
4. High automated levels.
5. Good brazing result, less oxidation.

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What’s high frequency welding machine?

  High frequency welding machine is a kind of welding method using high frequency, medium frequency, or low frequency induction current as a heat source, and it is also a kind of more popular brazing equipment in recent years.

  The workflow of high frequency welding machine is: The metal workpiece that needs to be welded (mostly red copper) is placed in the induction coil. Through high frequency alternating current, generating induction electromagnetic field, an Induced electromotive force is coupled on the workpiece surface, and an induced eddy current is formed on the metal surface. The heat is generated by eddy currents on the metal surface. The welding part is usually coated with welding powder, and the welding can be done when the workpiece reaches the melting temperature of the solder, which is a cleaner and environmentally friendly heating welding method.

What is high frequency welding machine applications?

  High frequency welding machine is widely used in brazing steel, copper and copper alloy, stainless steel, high temperature alloy welding parts with a symmetrical shape, especially suitable for pipe fitting, pipe, and flange, shaft and shaft sleeve, tool head saw-tooth blade welding; For hard brazing of aluminum alloy, automatic induction brazing equipment can also be used.

  • Induction welding of carbide cutting tools. Such as turning tool, milling cutter, reamer, twist drill hot rolling, pliers, hammer, wrench, bolt cutters, and so on;
  • Diamond blade welding, such as diamond saw blade welding, grinding tools, and saw tooth welding.
  • Drill welding for prospecting, such as sub drill, and horn drill welding.
  • Composite welding of brass, copper, stainless steel, and other metal materials. Heat treatment of automobile and motorcycle parts, hot pier of standard parts, hot pier of nut, heating of copper standard materials, etc.

high frequency welding machine applications

Why use high frequency welding machine?

  • The high frequency welding machine brazing heating temperature is low, the joint is smooth, the structure and mechanical properties change little, the deformation is small, and the size of the workpiece is accurate.
  • Can weld the same metal, also can weld the dissimilar material, and has no strict limit to the workpiece thickness difference.
  • Automatic induction brazing equipment can weld multiple welds and joints at the same time, with high productivity.
  • The automatic high frequency welding machine is simple and the production investment cost is less.
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How to make a suitable high frequency welding machine coil?

  The induction coil is an important element of high frequency welding machine, the energy of the AC current is transferred to the weldment through it to achieve heating, Therefore, it is necessary to make and select induction coils correctly. The principle of correct design and selection of induction coil is that the induction coil should have a suitable shape for the welding parts. The useless heat loss between the induction coil and the welding parts can be reduced as much as possible to improve the heating efficiency. In order to make the welding part heat smoothly and evenly, and prevent the local overheating at the sharp corner of the welding part, the number of inductor turns and induction current should be rationally selected.

How to select a suitable high frequency welding machine?


Max Input Power


























Memo: Input voltage can be customized with 380V and 480 etc. 50HZ/60HZ.

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