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How to choose the right induction heating equipment?

  There are many customers who do not know how to select high-frequency induction heating equipment when they consult us. Today we have compiled a few points for your reference.

  Different heating processes require different frequencies and powers. If the frequency is incorrectly selected, the heating requirements cannot be met, such as slow heating time, low work efficiency, uneven heating, and the temperature does not meet the requirements, which may easily cause damage to the workpiece.

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1. How to choose the right induction heating equipment frequency?

  • According to different output frequencies, it can be roughly divided into ultra-high frequency, high frequency, super audio frequency, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, and so on. We generally determine the choice of induction heater according to the specifications and quenching requirements of the workpiece. Such workpiece heat penetration, such as fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware tools, rigging, hot upsetting, and hot rolling of twist drills, etc., the larger the diameter of the workpiece, the lower the frequency should be. Such as: below Φ4mm, suitable for high frequency and ultra-high frequency (100-500KHz), Φ4-16mm suitable for high frequency (50-100KHz), Φ16-40mm suitable for super audio (10-50KHz), above Φ40mm suitable for medium frequency (0.5-10KHz) );
  • Heat Treatment, Shafts, gears, quenching and annealing of stainless steel products, etc. Taking quenching as an example, the workpiece requires that the shallower the quenching layer, the higher the frequency, and the deeper the quenching layer, the lower the frequency. For example 02.-0.8mm quenching layer is suitable for 100-250KHz ultra-high frequency and high frequency, 1.0-1.5mm is suitable for 40-50KHz high frequency and ultra-frequency, 2.0-3.0mm is suitable for 8-20KHz ultra-frequency and medium frequency;
  • Induction Braze welding, composite induction brazing welding of drill bits, turning tools, reamers, milling cutters, drill bits, etc., and different materials for stainless steel bottoms. The larger the welding volume is, the lower the frequency should be. Take turning tool welding as an example. For example: tools below 20mm are suitable for 50-100KHz high frequency, tools above 20-30mm are suitable for 10-50KHz high frequency, super audio, tools above 30mm are suitable for 1-8KHz intermedium frequency.
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2. How to choose the right induction heating equipment power?

  The greater the power of the machine, the faster the heating speed, but its price will increase accordingly, the small power equipment, the cost is low, and the heating speed is slow. There are usually two types of power: output power and oscillating power. Generally speaking, the power is the load power of the machine, also called the output power, and the oscillation power is only about 60% of the actual output power. For example, the heating effect is the same under the same conditions for a device with a calibrated oscillation power of 50KW and an induction heating device with an output power of 30KW.

3. How to avoid mistakes in induction heating equipment choice?

  Induction heating equipment does not have a model calibration method specified by the state, so some manufacturers usually denote power as oscillating power, and some manufacturers demarcate oscillating power as output power or only in general as power, misleading customers. In some cases, the power is not written at all, and the input current is calibrated to the model so that the customer mistakenly thinks that the following number is the power of the machine. The two are actually far apart. Induction heating equipment is usually not updated for a long time after it is bought, and customers often regret it after they understand it. So, when a company introduces a product to you, don’t just care about the model, don’t forget to ask him what the output power is, so that you know what it is.

Zhengzhou KETCHAN induction heating machines are marked all with real output power like KQD-50 is output power is 50KW. What we do is a conscience product!

How to choose the right induction heating equipment 2

Why Choose Zhengzhou KETCHAN induction heating equipment?

  1. After receiving your inquiry, we will provide you with reasonable selection guidance and technical solutions as soon as possible according to your needs.
  2. We offer you a free trial based on your workpiece.
  3. We provide you with free installation and commissioning guidance and free technical training for your operators and maintenance personnel. Provide comprehensive technical support and enjoy lifetime maintenance.
  4. Our equipment will be repaired free of charge within one year after the factory commissioning, and we will replace the parts that are not artificially damaged within one year for free. If there is any problem with your equipment within a year, no matter where you are, we can provide excellent after-sales service.

  We are praying all of our users can meet a reasonable supplier and choose the right induction heating equipment. Thanks.

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