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How to determine the parameters of induction hardening machine tools?

How to determine the parameters of induction hardening machine tool
  1. Selection of hardening table (or top) speed. In order to make the heating and cooling of the parts uniform, it is better to make the parts rotate during the heating and quenching process, and the rotation speed of the parts is selected according to the following principles.

1). When cylindrical parts are heated at the same time. Generally 1 ~ 6r/s. For parts with large diameters and long heating times, the lower limit of rotation speed can be set.

2). When the cylindrical part is continuously heated, when the part moves every 1mm and rotates once at the same time, it can prevent the part from producing a helical Fortnite band during quenching: if the bracket movement v has been determined, the rotation speed of the part is:


In the formula, v-part moving speed, mm/s:

    n-part rotation speed, r/min.

3). When the gear and spline shaft are quenched, if the rotation speed is too fast, one side of the tooth and the root of the tooth will be insufficiently cooled. Therefore, the rotational speed of the part should be calculated according to the outer circle speed, and its circumferential speed v≤500mm/s is suitable.

  1. The choice of carriage movement speed. The brackets of the medium and small induction hardening machine tools are used to clamp the quenched parts, while the brackets of the large induction quenching machine tools are used to fix the transformer. The moving speed of the bracket during continuous quenching is selected as follows:
  • When the power supply is 250kHz, v should be in the range of 0.28~15mm/s;
  • 8000Hz power supply, v should be within the range of 1.4 ~ 17mm/s;
  • 2500HHz power supply, v should be within the range of 1 ~ 10mm/s.

  In practice, in continuous quenching, carriage moving speeds below 1 mm/s are not often used. For quenched parts with a hardened layer depth of 1 to 5 mm and a diameter of 20 to 160 mm, v is 1 to 18 mm/s to meet the requirements. Therefore, the working stroke v of induction hardening machine tools is mostly 2 to 30 mm/s, and the individual is 2 to 60 mm/s.

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