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How to do large workpieces induction shrink fitting?

Current status of hot assembly and hot disassembly process

  The workpiece is assembled and disassembled with interference, and the traditional process uses acetylene to bake or cook with oil to realize the interference assembly and disassembly. This is time-consuming and labor-intensive, pollutes the environment, and is not easy to grasp the temperature.

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Application of electromagnetic heating in induction shrink fitting

  Through the method of electromagnetic induction heating, flexible electromagnetic wire is used to wrap the part that needs to be disassembled or installed, and after heating, the matching position of the workpiece will expand so that the workpiece can be disassembled or installed smoothly. The use of electromagnetic heating for disassembly and installation is safe, efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and can greatly improve work efficiency.

Introduction of electromagnetic heating equipment

  Zhengzhou Ketchan specializes in the production of fully digital air-cooled large-scale workpiece induction shrink-fitting equipment, and flexible heating coils, no matter how large or small your workpiece is, and how complex the workpiece can be disassembled and assembled. It has been widely used in the disassembly and hot-fitting of large workpieces such as bearings, gears, sprockets, counterwheels, couplings, connecting shafts, balance shafts, rolls, motor rotors, etc., as well as preheating of large workpieces before welding.

Disassembly principle

  Temperature difference method disassembly and assembly: The temperature difference method is an assembly method that heats and expands the container, or cools and shrinks the container, and can also heat the container and cool the container at the same time to obtain a matching assembly method, which is called the temperature difference method disassembly and assembly.

Thermal disassembly is based on the disassembly principle of the temperature difference method. When the whole workpiece is heated by electromagnetic induction, there will be a certain temperature difference between the containing part and the contained part. The matching clearance between the containing part and the contained part is correspondingly increased. Therefore, the mating workpiece can be easily disassembled. In the same way, by heating the containing member, cooling or keeping the temperature of the containing member, and generating a temperature difference, the containing member can be placed in the containing member.

  1. No need to pass water, the whole air-cooled structure makes the installation simpler, the use more convenient, and reduces a great hidden danger point of equipment failure.
  2. The flexible heating coil can be hot assembled and disassembled regardless of the size and shape of the workpiece.
  3. Manual, automatic, temperature control three use modes, providing customers with a variety of operation options.
  4. The digital embedded control system improves the precision of the equipment and makes the equipment more stable and efficient.
  5. Thanks to the all-digital control, the frequency and power of the equipment can be adapted according to the size and complexity of the workpiece, and with nine alarm modes, it can greatly reduce equipment damage and safety hazards caused by operator misoperation.


  1. During the disassembly process, attention should be paid to the heating rate. Avoid damage to the workpiece surface.
  2. In theory, in the process of hot disassembly and shrink fit, the heating expansion value must be larger than the interference value of the fit so that the workpiece can be removed or assembled smoothly and safely.
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