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Hub Bearing Induction Hardening Machine

1. Hub Bearing Induction Hardening Machine.
2. Automatic Loading and unloading device.
3. Suitable hub bearing hardening tempering.
4. Heat treating speed 12-16s/piece.
5. Heat treatment process can be well controlled.
6. System stores and tracks all production data.
7. Matured technical process, fast quotation.

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What is hub bearing induction hardening machine?

  This automatic wheel hub bearing induction hardening machine is mainly suitable for surface induction hardening and online induction tempering of automobile wheel hub units, hub bearings. The fully automatic feeding and conveying channel is configured to meet the equipment’s on-line production and stand-alone production. Automatic loading and unloading by manipulator. The induction coil is automatically positioned during the induction hardening process, and the hub bearing induction hardening machine has the functions of automatic detection, defective product sorting, data recording, cleaning, laser marking, online induction tempering, etc. Fully automated induction quenching process, intelligent monitoring and management, high production efficiency, production cycle 12-16 seconds / piece.

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How to do the hub bearing induction hardening tempering process?

  Bell shell/wheel bearing induction quenching tempering equipment is suitable for induction quenching of multi-variety and multi-specification constant velocity universal joint bell shell parts/automobile hub bearing parts. The machine tool adopts the intelligent numerical control system centralized control, the movement/turnover of the workpiece during loading and unloading and processing is all completed by the manipulator, the rotation of the station is automatically completed by the turntable.

  This wheel hub bearing induction hardening machine is equipped with two hardening stations and one tempering station, and the induction quenching and tempering process of different parts of the station is completed at the same time.

  The induction heating power supply adopts the world’s leading transistor solid-state power supply, full digital control technology, perfect protection function, and digital parameter setting and display interface.

  The dedicated process parameter management and monitoring system can record various data of the monitoring equipment in real time and has the function of historical data query. This hub bearing induction hardening machine can also be equipped with an online laser printing function and an online non-destructive testing system. The overall intelligence is high and the processing efficiency is higher.

What are hub bearing induction hardening machine features?

  • The hub bearing induction hardening machine tool body: section steel welding/casting.
  • Transmission system: With precision ball screw.
  • Induction quenching load: energy-saving quenching transformer with adjustable turns ratio (a patent of our company).
  • Mechanical guide: linear guide.
  • Induction coil positioning motor: AC servo motor.
  • Two-dimensional movement of the induction coil: Servo motor drive.
  • Quenching method: local overall quenching/continuous scanning quenching; liquid spraying cooling.
  • Protection: water pressure protection, flow protection, air pressure protection, photoelectric safety protection.
  • Control box: rotary operation box/control cabinet integrated control box.
  • Alarm: sound/light fault alarm, control interface display alarm, and record.
  • Induction coil and water sprayer cooling interface: stainless steel/brass quick-change joint; water and electricity quick-change structure.
  • Electronic control system: touch screen+PLC/828D/840DSL
  • Stations: 2 stations, 4 stations, and 8 stations.
  • Cooling method: closed air-cooled circulation system/industrial refrigeration unit + internal circulation cooling system.
  • Process parameter monitoring system: All processing parameters of the hub bearing induction hardening equipment (power, time, quenching fluid flow, quenching speed, quenching fluid temperature, etc.) can be input or displayed through the dedicated parameter screen, and can be stored. It has the functions of recording, querying, and printing processing parameters.

 How can I get a faster hub bearing hardening tempering machine quotation?

  You can please let me have your hub bearing drawings along with your technical requests, our technical team will do the hub bearing induction hardening machine technical proposal along with technical quotations.

  For the complex induction heat treated parts, users can send us some workpiece samples, we can arrange to do the hub bearing and other complex workpiece induction heat treating jobs on our heat treatment experimental center, through testing, then conclude the suitable induction heat treatment solutions.

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