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Induction Billet Heater

1. Induction billet heater frequency range 0.1-20Khz.
2. For whole bar forging and partial bar forging cases.
3. The finished forging parts are uniform.
4. Fast heating speed, energy-saving.
5. More than 20 years manufacturer experience.

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  A medium frequency induction billet heater is used for metal materials induction heating forging applications, which is one of the good heating methods in general. Has been widely used in many fields which are using oil and gas and coal heating. Compared with traditional fuel oil, coal, or other similar heating products, its characteristics are more rapid heating, high efficiency and reduced production costs; Low heat radiation, low labor intensity, meet the requirements of environmental protection. Pollution is small; Easy control of temperature uniformity, low oxidation burn loss, high automation degree to ensure product quality and realize production in semi-automatic, automatic machine tools, and other advantages.

Induction billet heater applications cases

  • The induction billet heater is suitable for all kinds of brass bar, steel bar, and aluminum bar induction forging solutions.
  • Round bar continuous induction forging, square bar, or other shaped blanks online induction heating forging.
  • It can be used for heating the whole bar or local heating, such as heating the bar end, heating the bar middle part, etc.
  • Easy to use with any induction forging, rolling equipment, and manipulator.
  • Can get the required heating temperature in a very short time.
  • Continuously working 24 hours no stops, the heating result is uniform and speed is faster.
Induction Billet Heater applications jpg webp The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer Induction Billet Heater

Induction billet heater structure

  • The complete induction billet heater is including a heating working table, induction forging furnace, automatic material feeding mechanism, induction heating power supply, and compensation capacitor box.
  • According to our user’s technical requests, sometimes may include infrared temperature measurement system, temperature controller device, material feeding system, and wire winding device.
  • As per different induction forging parts details, we can customize different induction billet forging furnaces.

Induction billet heater technical data



Heat steel and stainless steel to 1100 heat brass to 700



Suitable for ¢12-30mm bar heating forging project







Suitable for ¢15-50mm bar heating bar heating forging project







Suitable for ¢15-90mm bar heating





Suitable for ¢30-150mm bar heating





Induction billet heater technical advantages

  • Our induction billet heater can heat a wide variety of different materials and bars, and the heating speed is very fast.
  • We design a full load induction billet heater power level, so the heating applications are much wider.
  • As the heating temperature can be well controlled, the heating result is much better.
  • Low power consumption, small volume, lightweight, easy to move.
  • No high voltage, simple operation, and easy to install.
  • Perfect self-protection functions, such as overheating, over current, over-voltage, lack of water, and alarm functions.
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