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Induction Heating Since 2000

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Induction Bolt Heating Machine

1. Multi-station induction bolt heating machine.
2. Siemens IGBT, is more stable and energy-saving.
3. Can match with automatic loading and unloading.
4. Uniform heating result, good environment.
5. In Wide applications, the temperature can control.
6. Support oversea installation. 24 hours service.

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What is Induction bolt heating machine applications?

  Zhengzhou KETCHAN’s induction bolt heating machine is mainly used for all kinds of billets induction heating forging applications, like square bars, round bars, round pipes, steel plates, steel rings, etc. In productions, mainly used in the following cases.

  • Induction heating and bending of leaf springs, copper, and steel pipes such as elbows.
  • Standard parts, diathermy forming of fasteners. The hardware tools are diathermic, such as pliers, wrenches, and other diathermy induction forming.
  • Hot extrusion of prospecting drill rod taper shank, drill steel, and drill tools.
  • Hot loading of automobile rear axle, motor rotor, bearing, and other workpieces.
  • Heating of spring clips, road studs, etc. of public works equipment.
  • Hot riveting of fan impeller, hot rolling of steel pipe, hot rolling of twist drill.
  • Seam induction welding thermoforming.
Induction Bolt Heating Machine applications jpg The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer Induction Bolt Heating Machine

What is Induction bolt heating machine advantages?

  • Adopt new M0SFET, IGBT frequency conversion control technology, high efficiency and energy saving, and large output power.
  • With constant current and constant power control function, greatly optimize the metal heating process, realize efficient and fast heating, the superior performance of the product is fully played.
  • 100% full load design, can work continuously for 24 hours. It can be connected with infrared temperature measurement to realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operation.
  • Safe and reliable, the induction bolt heating machine is free of ten thousand volts and high voltage, and the operation is safe.
  • Wide heating applications: it can heat all kinds of metal workpieces (removable induction coils can be replaced according to different shapes of workpieces);
  • Easy installation: connect to the induction heating power supply, induction coil, and inlet and outlet pipes for use; small size and lightweight.
  • Simple operation: can learn well in a few minutes;
  • Quick start: Induction heating can be started after the water is turned on;
  • Less power consumption: It saves about 70% power than the old-fashioned tube high-frequency induction bolt heating equipment, and the smaller the workpiece, the less power consumption;
  • Good effect: heating is very uniform (by adjusting the density of the induction coil, so that each part of the workpiece obtains the temperature they need), fast heating, less oxide layer, no waste after annealing;
  • Up to ten fault state protections and displays including overcurrent, overvoltage, water shortage, and lack of phase, provide higher reliability and durability.
  • Small size, light weight: only dozens of KG, small footprint, saving plant space, good working environment, energy saving, safety, no noise exhaust gas dust discharge;
  • Eliminate high voltage: eliminate the boost transformer which produces nearly ten thousand volts of high voltage, high safety.

How to choose the suitabe induction bolt heating machine?

  According to different heating billets, we can customize to do different types of induction bolt heating machines. And in order to make sure the suitable induction bolt heating machine models, we need to know the following data for power and frequency choice.

  • The heating parts material?
  • Your heating parts size details and drawings are better.
  • The parts heating speed requests.
  • The parts heating temperature requests.
  • If you have ever used similar induction heating systems, you can please send us some related current machine working pictures and working mode, so that we can give some technical suggestions much better. Thanks.

The reason why choose Zhengzhou Ketchan ?

  1. We have been in the induction heating fields for more than 20 years.
  2. We have helped thousands of induction heat treatment factories find suitable induction heating solutions.
  3. We have supplied thousands of induction heating turn-key projects.
  4. We have our own induction heat treatment testing center, and support on-site testing service.
  5. We have our own company database, including some featured technical proposals, videos, and pictures for reference.
  6. We are a direct manufacturer of the induction heating systems, can give you the suitable technical proposal and commercial quotations.
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