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Induction Brazing HVAC Pipes

1. Induction brazing HVAC pipes.
2. AC distributors induction brazing.
3. AC four-ways copper tube brazing.
4. Compressor pipe induction brazing.
5. Handheld induction brazing system.
6. Portable induction heater for brazing.

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What is KETCHAN HVAC copper tubing induction brazing machine?

   Zhengzhou KETCHAN induction brazing machine is mainly used for induction brazing HVAC copper pipes, compressor copper pipes, condenser copper pipes, heat exchanger copper pipes, AC distributors, AC four-ways valves, split valves induction brazing welding solutions.

  Induction brazing is different from ordinary welding, the base metal does not melt during brazing, and the heating temperature adopts a connection method that is lower than the solidus of the base metal and higher than the liquidus of the solder. When the connected parts and the solder are heated until the solder melts, using capillary action and wetting action, it dissolves and diffuses with the base material, and then fills the gap between the base material and the connected parts.

What is the difference Between Brazing and Fusion Welding?

Compared with fusion welding, induction brazing has the following advantages:

  • The induction brazing heating temperature is low, and the influence on the structure and properties of the base metal is small;
  • The brazed joint is flat and smooth, and the appearance is beautiful;
  • The deformation of the weldment is small, especially in the brazing method with uniform heating, the deformation of the brazing parts can be minimized to ensure the welding parts’ dimensional accuracy.
  • High production speed.
  • It can realize the connection of dissimilar metals or alloys, metals and non-metals.


  • The joint strength is low and the heat resistance is poor;
  • The composition of the base metal and the solder is quite different, which causes electrochemical corrosion, resulting in poor corrosion resistance;
  • Assembly requirements are relatively high.
Induction Brazing HVAC Pipes application 1 jpg KETCHAN Induction Induction Brazing HVAC Pipes

How to select the suitable induction brazing filler metals?

In order to meet the requirements of joint performance and the HVAC pipes induction brazing process, the solder generally meets the following basic requirements;

1). Appropriate melting temperature range, usually its melting temperature is lower than that of the base metal;

2). It has good wetting properties and spreading properties at brazing temperature, and can fully fill the joint gap;

3). The physical and chemical interaction with the base metal should ensure a firm bond between them;

4). The composition is stable, minimizes the burning loss or volatilization of elements at the brazing temperature, and contains little or no rare metals and precious metals;

5). It can meet the requirements of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of brazed joints. According to the different brazing materials used, brazing is generally divided into:

  • Soft soldering – the liquidus temperature of the solder is lower than 450℃;
  • Hard soldering- The liquidus temperature of the solder is higher than 450℃.

Induction Brazing Solder

HVAC Pipes Induction Brazing Solder jpg KETCHAN Induction Induction Brazing HVAC Pipes

How to select suitable HVAC pipe induction brazing machine?

Model Max. Input Power (Kw) Induction Heating Head Output Frequency Input Voltage Memo
KQG-10 10 l Standard induction heaters without flexible cable. l Portable induction heater with 3-20m flexible cable. 20-80KHZ 220V 50/60HZ; 380V 50/60HZ; 415V 50/60HZ; 440V 50/60HZ; Can customized. Different heating material can customize different induction heating coils.
KQG-15 15
KQG-20 20
KQG-25 25
KQG-30 30
KQG-35 35
KQG-40 40
KQG-45 45
KQG-50 50
KQG-60 60
KQG-80 80
KQG-100 100
KQG-120 120
KQG-150 150
KQG-160 160
KQG-200 200
KQG-250 250
KQG-300 300
KQG-350 350
KQG-400 400

  We have a series of HVAC pipes induction brazing machines, you can please let us know your brazing parts details, like pictures, size, production yield, and your current brazing method, so that we can give you our full technical proposal along with quotations.

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