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Induction Brazing HVAC Refrigerant Distributor

1. Induction brazing HVAC refrigerant distributor
2. HVAC copper tube induction brazing machine.
3. Refrigerant brass distributors induction brazing.
4. Induction brazing refrigerant nozzle.
5. Induction soldering liquid brass distributors.
6. Induction welding brass distributors.

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What’s HVAC Refrigerant Distributor Induction Brazing Machine?

  This HVAC Refrigerant Distributor Induction Brazing Machine is an automatic induction brazing process for brass shunts and copper capillaries, equipped with a set of automatic induction brazing machine tools, including an induction brazing system, cooling system, and mechanical mechanism.

  The HVAC distributors induction brazing system mainly heats the brass shunt and the copper capillary to melt the welding ring to complete the welding process; the induction brazing control system controls the overall action; the mechanical action system fixes the product, locates the Z-axis of the tool, lifts, Positioning tooling rotation, etc. The cooling system mainly cools the induction brazing equipment and the induction coil.

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How to do the HVAC Refrigerant Distributor Induction Brazing?





Immersion Brazing Flux

Brass Shunt Dip Flux


Fit the brazing rings

Capillary fit brazing rings



Insert the capillary into the distributors


Load brazing parts

The product is placed in the positioning tooling


Induction Brazing(rotate)

Induction brazed capillaries (simultaneous rotation, can be closed) for uniform heating



After welding, wait a few seconds and spray air to cool the product


Take off the brazed part

Remove the product from tooling

Induction Brazing HVAC Refrigerant Distributor applications

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HVAC Refrigerant Distributor induction brazing machine data

Control method

Full digital embedded software control

Display method

3.5-inch true color display, resolution 320×240

Operating mode

Manual mode, automatic mode

Main chip


Chip speed


Communication Interface

Db-9 and 4-pin aviation plug

Bus access


Power input

Input voltage


Rated current


Power Output

Rated Power


Working status display

Time, current, frequency, current curve

Working frequency


Type of workpiece parameter

10 kinds

Heating Method

Manual, auto

Automatic heating section

5 pieces

Setting accuracy of heating time


What’s HVAC Refrigerant Distributor Induction Brazing Process?

  According to the HVAC refrigerant distributor induction brazing technical requests, the induction brazing process can do as follows:

  • PLC quantitative control, storage, and extraction of welding parameters such as welding heating current, heating time, delayed air injection time, and air injection time after welding. The touch screens can adjust all process parameters of the production process.
  • The workpiece processing parameters can be stored in 30 groups, and the workpiece selection interface is password protected.
  • The Control system should have an alarm device, equipment failure to timely alarm, and automatic display and storage of error information on the equipment, and alarm information can be queried.
  • RS485 interface is configured to communicate with PLC.
Induction Brazing HVAC Refrigerant Distributor 7 jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Induction Brazing HVAC Refrigerant Distributor


  • What are your inducton brazing machine applications?

  Our induction brazing systems are mainly used in the HVAC field for compressor copper tubes, condenser copper tubes, heat exchanger copper tubes induction brazing welding applications.

  • How to choose a suitable induction brazing machine?

  You can please let me have your brazing parts pictures along with the size, so that we can suggest to you suitable induction machine models.

  • You are an end-user?

  Yes, we are an end-users in the induction brazing field for more than 20 years.

  • How can I get a faster quote?

  You can leave a message to us with your heating parts details so that we can feedback to you in 2 hours.

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