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Induction Brazing of Copper and Brass Lap Joints


  The target of this application test is to braze the copper plate to the copper plate and also braze the copper plate to the copper tubes and braze the copper plate to copper joints. The user is the first time using the induction brazing instead of the flame brazing method. The brazing joints can be brass to brass and copper to copper.

Induction Brazing of Copper and Brass Lap Joints 1

  The above induction brazing process is the testing process for brazing copper plate joints brazing.

Machine model:

  KQG-50 high frequency induction brazing machine with 2 induction brazing tools.

Raw material:

  • Copper plates + copper plates
  • Copper plates + copper tubes
  • Brazing flux + brazing paste  Braze alloy – EZ Flo 45c

Brazing technical parameters:

  • Power:50KW
  • Heat to a temperature about 1300degree.
  • The induction brazing process time is about 30s-2minutes for different parts.
  • Brazing thickness is 3-5mm.

Brazing result:

  • The induction heating brazing process is very uniform.
  • The brazing flux melts very well and parts have good brazing depth.
  • Compare with the flame brazing, the working environment is very good.
  • The operation worker does not need high requests, anyone can learn it in 1 minute.
  • The brazing basic cost is reduced a lot compare to gas brazing.

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