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Induction Brazing of Copper Tube to Copper Bracket


  We design the coil like below to braze the copper tube to the copper bracket, the brazing copper tube diameter is 50mm, thickness is 3-5mm, and the copper plate or copper bracket thickness is 20mm. Our purpose is to braze the tube and bracket together with induction heating solutions.

Key Parameters:

Power: 50 kW

Temperature: Approximately 1400° F (760° C)

Time: 50 sec to let them all brazed together


  • The key point is to do the right induction brazing tool, we use open mouth type induction coils like the attached picture.
  • With induction heating to do the brazing job until the brazing flux is total uniform melt.
  • After brazing, check the brazing seal is very uniform and good connections.

Result and benefits:

  • Induction brazing is faster than flame brazing and do not have high requests for the brazing workers, and also good for environment.
  • We design the suitable induction brazing coils to ensure the bottom and the brazing bracket can be heated uniform.
  • We use medium frequency induction heating machine to heat this job to ensure the heating depth much better.
  • The heating time is faster and also energy-saving a lot.
  • When arrives user site, coils also need a fixture to let the workpiece well placed into the coil for better brazing.

Induction Brazing of Copper Tube to Copper Bracket application

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