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1. Complex Induction hardening coils.
2. Professional induction coil design software.
3. Strong induction heat treatment technical team.
4. Customize high-precision induction coils.
5. Advanced technology, wide applications.
6. Direct manufacturer, fast delivery time.

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What is KETCHAN induction hardening coil?

  In the last 20 years, we have served thousands of induction heat treatment factories and customized to do different induction hardening coils. In total, the induction hardening coils consist of the following series.

  • Support pin surface induction hardening coil
  • Half shaft surface induction hardening coil
  • Simultaneous surface induction hardening coil with sealing cover;
  • Flange parts induction hardening coil
  • Shaft part surface induction hardening coil
  • Assemble half shaft surface induction hardening coil.

What is the induction coils applications and how to make the suitable induction hardening coils?

  1. Long shaft parts surface induction hardening coil
  • Ring type continuous induction quenching coil;
  • Continuous induction quenching coil with auxiliary quenching hydrosphere.
  • Continuous surface induction hardening coil
  • Automobile half shaft surface induction hardening coil.
  • Boring bar surface continuous induction quenching inductor.
  • High frequency continuous surface hardening inductor for drill pipe and hollow pipe;
  • Semicircular continuous surface induction quenching inductor.
  • Long shaft part surface induction hardening coil.
  1. Gear surface high frequency induction hardening coil
  • All-tooth heating surface quenching induction coil(cylindrical external gear simultaneously heating surface quenching inductor, conical external gear simultaneously heating surface quenching inductor, double or multiple gear surface quenching induction coils).
  • Continuous surface hardening inductor for gear shaft;
  • Single tooth surface induction hardening coil.
  • Large module gear single tooth continuous surface hardening inductor;
  • Groove tooth side surface quenching inductor (along with the groove heating surface quenching inductor, groove high-frequency continuous heating surface quenching inductor);
  • Intermediate frequency tooth grooves continuous surface hardening inductor. Gear quenching induction coil of high frequency quenching equipment.
  1. Crankshaft surface induction hardening coil
  • Crankshaft split type surface quenching inductor.
  • Semicircular crankshaft surface quenching inductor.
  1. Camshaft and CAM parts surface quenching induction coil
  • Camshaft surface hardening induction coil.
  • Car shock absorber gear surface induction quenching coil.
  • Brake cam induction case hardening coil
  1. Spherical parts surface hardening inductor:
  • Automobile steering knuckle ball joint support intermediate frequency surface induction quenching inductor.
  • Car steering tie rod ball stud surface induction quenching coil.
  • Smaller ball pin surface induction hardening coil.
  • Bigger ball stud surface induction hardening coil.
  • Continuous ball head surface induction hardening coil.
  1. Flat and flat parts induction quenching inductor:
  • High Frequency Flat Continuous Heating Surface Hardening Inductor
  • Medium Frequency Flat Continuous Heating Surface Hardening Inductor
  • High frequency surface quenching coil for machine tool guide rail;
  • Medium frequency surface hardening inductors for rails and turnout rails;
  • Plane-toothed discs simultaneous heating surface-hardened inductors
  • Platform surface hardened inductor.
  1. End and end surface induction hardening inductors:
  • Automobile valve surface induction hardening coil
  • Intake and exhaust valve end surface induction quenching coil;
  • Oil nozzle end surface induction hardening coil
  • Slewing bearing side surface induction hardening coil
  1. Inner hole surface induction hardening coil
  • Inner through hole surface quenching inductor;
  • Blind hole surface hardening inductor;
  • Spindle inner taper hole medium frequency surface quenching inductor.
  1. Notched Surface Hardened Inductors:
  • Brake gear notch quenching inductor(double-slot notch side surface quenching inductor, four-notch simultaneous heating surface quenching inductor);
  • Claw coupling slot surface hardening inductor;
  • Gearbox guide block notch quenching inductor (four parallel wire notch quenching inductor, one-to-two-way notch quenching inductor);
  • V-notch surface quenching inductor, inner surface quenching inductor of sleeve parts, notch surface quenching inductor, double-station surface quenching inductor, etc.
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