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Induction Hardening Engine Valve

Auto engine valve induction hardening machine is used for induction hardening engine stem and induction hardening engine seat. It is an automated engine valve induction heat treating system.

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Induction Hardening Engine Valve 5 jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Induction Hardening Engine Valve

Machine Model: KQM-60


Induction hardening engine valve, valve stem, and valve head induction hardening.

Heat treatment:

Change the hardness of engine valve materials, increase the wear resistance of products.

Technical parameter:

Before induction hardening

Heat treatment range

Valve rod diameter: 5-10 mm, valve seat diameter: 20-50 mm, total length: 70-150 mm


21-4N, 4Cr10Si2Mo, import: SUH:3, SUH:35, etc., hardness: 25-45 HRC

After induction hardening

Hardening depth


Hardening hardness

More than 50HRC

High frequency induction hardening machine

Power supply


Water pressure




Total power


Heating speed



Automotive parts industry


  The function of the engine valve is to input air into the engine and discharge the exhaust gas after combustion, which usually includes a valve stem and a valve head. The ends of the valve stems are heat treated as needed to meet strength requirements.
During heat treatment, different methods will be adopted according to the strength requirements, customer requirements, and valve stem size. If the diameter of the valve stem is greater than or equal to 8mm, surface hardening is required; if the diameter of the valve stem is less than 8mm, full hardening is required.

  If you are in the engine valve fields, to request more information about the engine valve induction hardening system, please contact us.

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