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Induction Hardening Tempering Scanner

1. Induction hardening tempering scanner.
2. PLC touch screen control system.
3. For induction hardening tempering.
4. Stable functions with alarm protections.
5. Match Energy monitoring system.
6. With rack loading unloading device.

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What is KETCHAN NEW induction hardening tempering scanner?

  Being in the induction heat treatment field for more than 20 years, ZhengzhouKETCHAN has researched and developed thousands of different induction scanners, and below are some featured induction hardening tempering scanners that used some complex workpiece induction hardening tempering processes.

  • Induction hardening and tempering on the same machine technologyIn the induction heat treatment of the output shaft, gear, valve sleeve, and other parts of the automobile power steering gear, the integrated technology of induction quenching and tempering is adopted to realize the same parts induction quenching and tempering treatment on the same machine. The complete set of induction hardening scanners is arranged on the production line to realize flow production and production. The induction hardening tempering scanner production beat is less than 50S.
  • Longitudinal profiling induction heat treatment technology: The stepped shaft parts are quenched by longitudinal induction heating so that the hardened layer of the stepped shaft is continuous. The torsional fatigue strength of the shaft is greatly improved. Widely used in drive axles, output shafts, and other parts.
  • Slewing bearing raceway seamless induction hardening technology: The special inductor structure and process method are adopted to realize the slewing bearing raceway seamless induction quenching with a diameter of 1.2M or less, which greatly improves the performance of the slewing bearing.
  • Single-cylinder crankshaft induction hardening technology: One machine tool is used to realize one-time clamping of the single-cylinder crankshaft, two main journals, and one connecting rod diameter alternately induction heating and quenching, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
  • Crankshaft journal rotary quenching and fillet quenching technology: The half-ring inductor is used to realize the crankshaft rotary induction quenching, which solves the problems of oil holes quenching and cracking and narrow bottom dead center quenching area. Crankshaft journal fillet induction hardening is commonly used in diesel engine crankshafts to double the fatigue strength of crankshafts.
  • Induction hardening technology of auto parts CVJ bell shell, three-column sliding sleeve, inner raceway of wheel bearing: Realize the turnkey project of complete sets of induction hardening tempering scanner equipment for auto parts. Meet the needs of the rapid development of the domestic automobile industry. The induction hardening process program is automatically controlled to meet the high induction heat treatment standard requirements.
  • Large Gear Single Tooth Groove Induction Scanning Quenching Technology: A special single-tooth induction coil is used to achieve single-tooth quenching of gears above M6, and the hardened layer is deeply distributed along with the tooth profile. It solves various process problems such as layer depth, cracks and deformation.
  • Induction hardening technology of large construction machinery track shoes: Track shoe treads, teeth, and track pin holes require induction hardening. The developed automatic complete set of induction hardening tempering scanner equipment realizes the tread and teeth automatic induction quenching and tempering process.

What is induction hardening tempering scanner technical features?

  • Integrated design, small footprint, suitable for embedding in different induction hardening tempering production lines.
  • The induction hardening tempering scanner has the functions of turntable automatic indexing, and the heating station has the functions of rotating parts, lifting the transformer, and moving forward and backward. Different induction heating quenching and tempering processes can be realized respectively.
  • According to the different induction hardening parts hardening area requirements, multiple induction heating hardening stations can be designed, and the induction quenching or tempering heat treatment process of different parts can be completed on the same machine.
  • Equipped with a quality monitoring system, it can realize the record storage and query of induction hardening tempering process parameters.
  • At the same time, according to the shape and structure of the parts, the corresponding automatic loading and unloading devices are configured. Realize automatic loading and unloading functions.
  • This induction hardening tempering scanner program control adopts the numerical control system, which can input, modify and store the workpiece quenching process program through the keyboard, and the quenching tempering process is automated.
  • At the same time, it is equipped with a material shortage protection function to avoid induction heating no-load work.
  • It can be directly installed and used with various high and medium frequency induction heating power supplies.

What is induction hardening tempering scanner applications?

  Because the automatic induction hardening tempering scanner has turntable multi-working stations, it can induction heat many different stations, and can induction hardening tempering the same parts in different areas, the workpiece loading unloading, and heating hardening tempering are carried out at the different stations.

  The heating station has the functions of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, piecewise continuous quenching, and piecewise simultaneous quenching.

     It is suitable for induction heat treatment production of the disk, small shaft parts, ball head pin, and other parts online induction hardening tempering process, especially for automated mass productions.

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