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Induction Heating for Steel Billet Hot Rolling

What is steel billet hot rolling?

  Steel billet hot rolling is an application of induction heating technology. The main method of electromagnetic induction heating is to generate eddy currents inside the heated workpiece, and then rely on the heat generated by the eddy currents to heat.

  In the process of hot rolling of the steel billet, the temperature difference between the core and the surface is often too large, which will cause additional stress or uneven structure inside the billet, and even cracks, which will seriously affect the production process and quality, especially once this kind of steel is processed. When a problem occurs, it often affects the whole body.

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What is induction heating forging process?

The induction heating forging process is mainly a process of making the core surface temperature of the whole workpiece roughly the same, so the problem of the temperature difference between the blank core surface is largely solved, and the blank core surface can achieve uniform temperature.

 The two main problems of induction heating forging are intermittent and oxidation. At present, Zhengzhou Ketchan has solved the intermittent problem in the process of hot forging, hot rolling through the multi-zone forging solution, and has also solved the oxidation problem perfectly through the reducing atmosphere.

 At present, the intermediate frequency induction heating forging furnace developed by our company has been applied to the heat penetration forming of large-size standard parts, fasteners, automobile and motorcycle accessories, tools, gears, and large steel pipes; hot rolling of steel, welding of large metal workpieces; metal Material forging, smelting, precision casting, heat treatment, etc.; forging, smelting, precision casting, etc. of common and precious metal materials.

The intermediate frequency induction forging furnace includes an induction heating part, electrical control and protection part, a mechanical part, a temperature control part, and a cooling part.

Induction Heating For Steel Billet Hot Rolling 2

  The most important feature is that our induction forging system adopts DSP embedded software control, the degree of digitization is 100%, and the electrical control and protection part uses PLC and a touch screen to realize the control and protection of the entire system.

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