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Induction Heating Gun

What is induction heating gun?

  The induction heating gun is part of a movable induction heating machine. An induction heating gun is a handheld device that uses high-frequency magnetic fields to heat up metal objects without flames. It can be used to loosen seized or rusted bolts, nuts, bearings, gears, pulleys, and other metal parts. It can also be used for paintless dent repair and other applications. Other applications of induction heating gun: welding, brazing, soldering heating, coating removal, pre-welding, post-welding heat treatment, on-site hot assembly, hot dismantling, surface heat treatment, etc. An induction heating gun usually comes with different sizes of coils that can be attached to the head of the gun to fit different metal objects. The induction heating coil at the front end of the induction heating gun can be quickly replaced according to different uses. An induction heating gun can heat up a metal object to a very high temperature in a short time, depending on the power and voltage of the device.

Advantages of KETCHAN’s induction heating guns

  • They can heat metal objects rapidly, efficiently, and precisely without flames.
  • They can save energy, cost, and time by reducing gas consumption, insurance fees, part replacement, and heating duration.
  • They can reduce damage and injury risk by avoiding collateral damage to adjacent parts, flammable materials, and tools.
  • They can increase productivity and process efficiency by being easy to use, fitting into tight spaces or difficult angles, and providing consistent and local heat.
  • They can be environmentally friendly by producing no hazardous emissions or pollution.
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