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Induction Pipe Bending Machine

1. Digital induction pipe bending machine.
2. Fast heating speed, easy to change molds.
3. Siemens PLC control system.
4. Suitable for different radius pipe bending.
5. Support customized bending systems.
6. Provide 24 hours online service.

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What is induction pipe bending machine?

  MF induction pipe bending machine, uses an intermediate frequency power induction heating source to heat the steel pipe. At the same time, the steel pipe is pushed forward at a uniform speed, The heating part of the steel pipe along the preset track forms a bend with a certain radius of curvature and Angle. First, get the steel pipe in its position, and the bending radius is adjusted by the lead screw driving device on the rocker arm rotation device. Medium frequency induction pipe bending machine induction coil is used to heat the steel pipe to a certain temperature and then bend it.  When bending, hydraulic pressure is used as the power, and the steel tube is pushed forward by the trolley and deformed and bent along the adjusted bending radius at the heating place. After the steel pipe is deformed, it is cooled by spraying water to obtain the required bending pipe fittings.

  • Power system

  The power system consists of a motor and a reducer, there are two operating states: fast forward (back) and work forward, driven by an AC motor and variable frequency motor respectively.
Frequency conversion motor: to provide bending machine working power.
AC motor: brake and electromagnetic clutch and AC motor linkage control.

  • Transmission mechanism

  Including gear group, chain, guide rail, and so on.

Why use induction pipe bending machine?

  Compared with the cold bending machine, the induction pipe bending machine only takes up 1/3 to 1/2 space and does not require a custom forming mold. It is one of the most efficient and cost-effective pipe bending methods. Induction coils heat a section of the tube or pipe, which bends once it reaches a preset temperature. The pipe is slowly passed through the heating coil and bent. After bending, the pipe is cooled by water, air, or oil.

  • Improve the quality: The induction pipe bending machine minimizes the deformation and strain caused by cold forming.
  • Increased flexibility: Induction bending has a wider bending radius than cold bending and does not require forming tools.
  • Cost savings: The induction pipe bending machine is small in size and fast in working speed, which is more cost-saving than other bending machines.
  • High strength hydraulic or mechanical pushing tube, stable bending process.
  • Adjustable rocker arm, adapt to a variety of radius adjustments.
  • Siemens PLC programming control, adjust the radius bending Angle bending speed control;
  • Siemens PLC programming control heating temperature water, cooling/air cooling flow control.
  • PC industry computer integrated monitoring of bending process parameters, to ensure bending consistency.
  • Large capacity memory can store multiple groups of the heating technical process.

What is induction pipe bending machine application?

  Induction pipe bending machines are widely used in power plants, petroleum industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, mining, energy sector, and onshore and offshore oil and gas pipeline systems. The pipe adopts medium frequency induction heating, bending when heating. It is not only suitable for all kinds of round or square steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, I-steel hot bending but also suitable for large size square pipe and H steel or I beam steel also suitable for induction heat bending.

Induction Pipe Bending Machine applications 1 jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Induction Pipe Bending Machine
Induction Pipe Bending Machine applications 2 jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Induction Pipe Bending Machine

How to select a suitable induction pipe bending machine?

Model Induction Heating Power (KW) Pipe diameter range(mm) Pipe wall thickness(mm) Design thrust (T) Bend Radius (R) Bend angle Bend speed (mm/s) Return speed (mm/min)
WGT-219 160 76-219 18/25/40 60 ≥1.5D 0-180 0.3-4 1500
WGT-325 200 76-325 18/25/40 70 ≥2.5D 0-180 0.25-3 1500
WGT-426 250 108-426 18/25/40 100 ≥3D 0-180 0.25-3 1500
WGT-530 300 159-529 18/25/40 120 ≥3D 0-180 0.2-3 1500
WGT-630 400 159-630 18/25/40 160 ≥3D 0-180 0.2-3 1500
WGT-720 500 219-720 18/25/40 180 ≥3D 0-180 0.15-2.5 1500
WGT-830 550 219-830 18/25/40 220 ≥3D 0-180 0.15-2.5 1500
WGT-1020 600 426-1020 18/25/40 260 ≥3D 0-180 0.15-2.5 1500
WGT-1220 700 529-1220 18/25/40 300 ≥3D 0-180 0.15-2.5 1500
WGT-1420 800 630-1420 18/25/40 350 ≥3D 0-180 0.15-2.5 1500

How does the induction pipe bending machine work?

  • The method of pushing a large radius elbow (above 2.5D) is as follows: The tubes with the same diameter are heated by an induction coil using four-wheeled steel tubes. With the rotation of the rocker’s arm, bend the same diameter of the elbow, without mandrel and core head, with no diameter expansion.
  • The method of making a small radius elbow (below 3D) is a Small diameter pipe through mandrel and horn core through the medium frequency induction pipe bending machine coil heating, expanded into a large diameter elbow.
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