Induction Scanner

1. Induction scanner for automobile parts hardening.
2. Induction hardening tempering scanner.
3. Siemens/Fanuc/Mitsubishi CNC can be chosen.
4. Multi-language, easy to operate.
5. We provide turn-key projects.
6. With CE, SGS, support oversea service.


  The induction scanner we can also call it the CNC hardening machine tool, is playing an important role in the modern induction heat treatment process industries.

  When doing the shaft parts induction hardening jobs, must use the induction scanner, through the induction scanner working, the shaft parts can finish the related workpiece rotating and moving up and down actions. Also widely used for the disc types workpiece induction hardening jobs, in different induction hardening tempering processes, the requested temperature, hardening speed, and some hardening requests parameters and methods are all different.

  The induction scanner has different machine structures when doing different jobs, like vertical type induction scanner, horizontal type scanner, automatic induction scanner, and also the manual type scanner. No matter how different it is working method. It works basically the same way, but the applications are different. Now more and more companies are choosing the automatic induction scanner, because of its faster production speed, and low commercial costs.

What is induction scanner classification?

   An induction scanner is a kind of high precision industry mechanism which is working together with the medium frequency, high frequency, and ultrahigh frequency induction machine for the induction hardening and tempering treatment applications. Its main role is to make the processing workpiece do the rotation and movement actions. With the continuous development of science and technology, mechanical manufacturing technology is more and more advanced, and the advantages of high precision, energy saving, and high reliability of induction quenching equipment are more and more obvious.

  The induction scanner’s main components are including machine tool body, slide table, clamping rotation mechanism, cooling system, quenching liquid circulation system, electrical control system, etc.

  1. The structure is divided into a vertical CNC quenching machines and a horizontal CNC quenching machines.
  2. The transmission mechanism of a quenching machines is divided into the hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission.

  Now the induction scanner on the market are generally single working positions, but for some small diameter, workpiece processing can also choose the double positions induction quenching scanner. The users can choose the CNC quenching machine tools according to different quenching processes. When some special parts or special processes are used for the induction hardening process, we can also design and manufacture special non-standard CNC quenching machine tools according to different process requirements.

What is the induction scanner technical advantages?

  • It has scanning quenching, simultaneous quenching, piecewise quenching, and piecewise simultaneous quenching functions.
  • Adopt workpiece/induction coil movement mode.
  • Induction coil position X-Y axis can be manually adjusted.
  • The top center position (clamping length) can do the electric adjustment.
  • Lower center rotary stepless frequency conversion speed regulation.
  • CNC control, AC servo motor is driven cooling water, and quenching liquid temperature pressure flow monitoring.
  • Fully enclosed structure, movable sliding door, tempered glass observation window.
  • The upper tip is equipped with a manual clamping mechanism or pneumatic clamping mechanism.
  • The induction scanner can work together with the IGBT induction heating machine and closed-loop water cooling system.

The crankshaft induction scanner technical data







Max. Crankshaft swing diameter(mm)




Max. Crank throw radius(mm)




Max. Crankshaft length(mm)




Max. Weight(kg)




Heating Machine power(KW)






Heating machine frequency(kHz)



Part hardening method

Immersion liquid

Spraying liquid


Thin crankshaft hardening transformer(set)




Crankshaft induction coil(piece)




Heating coil cooling( set)

High-pressure strong cooling

Heating power cooling (set)

Closed-loop soften water cooling

Hardening medium inner cycling cooling(set)

Closed-loop hardening medium cooling

Outer cycling cooling

Industrial refrigerating unit

Process parameter monitoring system


Memo: According to different application cases, can do the different induction scanners. So before making sure the machine models, please leave a message to us about your heat treatment parts details.

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