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Industrial Aluminum Melting Furnace

  From copper and iron smelting in the early years to wheels, windmills, Viking longboats, Celtic barrels, Renaissance Krum pipes, and Stradivarius violins, wood is indispensable Therefore, in order to protect the forest and our lazy living environment, aluminum gradually replaced the existence of wood.

From the 1980s to the present, aluminum is inseparable from the roof of the house, the envelope structure of the wall, the ceiling, the doors, and windows. Secondly, due to the low density of aluminum, high strength, good corrosion resistance, good surface treatment performance, free and easy section Plasticity, and other advantages, and then to the wide application of aluminum alloys, whether in industry, aluminum is inseparable in life.
  And when processing aluminum in the industry, we will use the industrial aluminum melting furnace, which is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving furnace developed according to the aluminum melting process.

Industrial Aluminum Melting Furnace 2

  At present, Zhengzhou KETCHAN is one of the best manufacturers of industrial aluminum melting furnaces in the market. Our company has a number of invention patents and has been doing induction heating for more than ten years, and various technologies are relatively mature.

  • Our company’s industrial aluminum melting furnace can be used for melting or heat preservation alone, and the alloy grades produced can be changed by changing the crucible, and the application is flexible and convenient;
  • The furnace is made of fiber cotton, thermal insulation brick, mullite brick, and castable, and the temperature rise of the furnace wall is ≤ ambient temperature +25 ℃;
  • The electromagnetic heating power supply adopts imported components and adopts DSP or ARM full digital control circuit. The equipment has rich communication interfaces, supports optical fiber, Ethernet, RS485, Profibus, CAN and other industrial buses, and can realize remote control;
  • Double control of molten aluminum and furnace atmosphere temperature, prolonging furnace life, temperature control adopts PID closed-loop control, and temperature control accuracy can reach ±3℃;
  • Non-contact heating, due to the heating effect of the crucible itself, greatly reduces various impurities in the molten aluminum, and there is no condensation and scaling phenomenon;
  • This product saves 20%-40% of electricity than ordinary resistance furnaces, with small size, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and fast melting and heating;
  • The use of silicon carbide graphite crucible heating element will not cause iron and silicon to increase, easy to replace, and the service life of the crucible is more than 6 months;
  • The oil cylinder can support the furnace body to be dumped 90 degrees to pour out all the molten metal in the crucible, which is convenient for changing the metal grade, easy to clean the slag, easy to operate, safe, and reliable.

Pictures of industrial aluminum melting furnace

Industrial Aluminum Melting Furnace 1

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