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Inner Hole Induction Hardening Machine

1. Complete inner hole induction hardening machine.
2. Bigger output power level, high heating efficiency.
3. No high voltage, saft&clean operation environment.
4. Full load design, 24 hours continuous working.
5. Temperature can be well controlled.
6. Perfect hardening result, small deformation.

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What is an inner hole induction hardening machine?

  This complete inner hole induction hardening process is as follows: Robotic hand gripping induction coil fixture, the fixture holds two loads and two inductors at the same time, so that to complete these two different diameters inner hole induction quenching process. The robot moves the positioning process for 3 seconds, the total of 18 seconds for the heating water spraying process, 8 beats in total, and 168 seconds to complete a surface φ26 with 8 holes with an arc surface. The robot rotates and moves the load induction coils. The positioning process is 5 seconds, another φ35 hole is heated, and the heating and water spraying process are 18 seconds in total; the total time to complete a single piece is ≤ 4 minutes.

How to do the inner hole induction hardening?

  • The basic theory of the circuit has not changed much, because of the use of new power devices, the circuit and the implementation of technology have a great development;
  • In power rectifier and inverter circuit, module devices are used to replace single power devices. In order to achieve greater power, solid station induction heating machine power devices are used in series or parallel.
  • The control circuit and protection circuit adopt a digital integrated circuit and special-purpose integrated circuit, which simplifies the circuit design and improves the reliability of the complete induction heating system.
  • New circuit components, such as non-inductive capacitor module, non-inductive resistance, power ferrite application, etc.
  • The frequency range is wide, ranging from 0.1 to 500kHz, covering the range of medium frequency, high frequency, and super audio solid state induction heating machine.
  • High conversion efficiency and obvious energy saving.
  • The whole unit is compact and can save 66% to 84% space compared with the valve equipment.
  • Perfect protection circuit, high reliability;
  • Inside the power supply, no high voltage at the output end, and high security.

What is the inner hole induction hardening machine application?

  This inner hole induction hardening machine is widely used in the balanced shaft housing inner hole induction quenching, Internal combustion engine cylinder liner quenching, and all kinds of different sleeves induction hardening process. After quenching, the comprehensive mechanical properties of the parts can be improved. Also, this complete inner hole induction hardening system can be used in the:

  • Gear sprocket quenching, shaft parts quenching, disc parts quenching.
  • Die quenching, hydraulic parts quenching, hardware quenching.
  • Tool surface quenching, inner hole quenching (inner hole quenching of pump tube), guide rail surface induction quenching solutions.

What is inner hole induction hardening machine features?

  • Using the latest MOS, IGBT frequency conversion control technology, high efficiency and energy saving, and high output power.
  • This complete inner hole induction hardening machine can be also used in all kinds of different metal workpiece inner hole, inner wall induction hardening tempering process.
  • Using the latest MOS, IGBT frequency conversion control technology, high efficiency and energy saving, and high output power.
  • This is a turn-key project and once the machine arrives just needs to connect water and electricity can start working.
  • The CNC induction hardening tempering machine tool system can do with Siemens or other international brand control systems.
  • Safe and reliable, the equipment is free of ten thousand volts and high voltage, and the operation is safe.
  • 100% full load design, can work continuously for 24 hours. It can be connected with infrared temperature measurement to realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operation.
  • With constant current and constant power control capabilities, the heating process of metal is greatly optimized, efficient and fast heating is realized, and the advantages of the heat treated product are fully exerted.
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