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Magnetic Induction Heating Equipment

1. Digital magnetic induction heating equipment.
2. Fast heating speed, low power consumption.
3. Wide application range, energy-saving.
4. Siemens IGBT inverter module.
5. Perfect self-protection function.
6. Low voltage, green to the environment.

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What is Ketchan's magnetic induction heating equipment?

   Zhengzhou Ketchan has been in the magnetic induction heating equipment field for more than 20 years and our main products cover high and medium frequency induction heating equipment, UHF induction heating equipment, ultra audio induction heating, hand-held induction heating machine, remote heating and quenching machine tools and other supporting induction heat treatment equipment. Zhengzhou Ketchan induction heating system cover medium frequency 0.1~20KHZ, high frequency 20~80KHZ, and ultrahigh frequency 100-500KHZ.Our company has a strong production and development system, reliable quality, complete supporting facilities, and superior performance is the main characteristics of Zhengzhou Ketchan.
   We can design and manufacture various types of induction brazing equipment, magnetic induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment, induction welding equipment, CNC quenching equipment, and non-standard automation equipment according to customers’ needs, to meet customers’ needs in actual production. According to the different voltage levels in different countries, the induction heating equipment and automation equipment of corresponding input voltage are developed.


Max. Output power





80-250 KHZ

Voltage can be customized as per different country’s factory voltage levels.



80-200 KHZ


30 KW

80-180 KHZ


40 KW


50 KW



60 KW


80 KW


100 KW


120 KW

50-120 KHZ


160 KW


200 KW


250 KW


300 KW

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Why choose Ketchan's magnetic induction heating equipment?

  • Our company transistor high frequency magnetic induction heating equipment can save power up to 40-60%, water saving 60%, then the electron tube high frequency power, external auxiliary facilities investment reduced 75%.
  • A unique cooling circulation system ensures the equipment works continuously for 24 hours.
  • Small size, lightweight, easy to move, no high voltage, safe operation.
  • High reliability, simple and convenient maintenance, perfect over voltage, over current, overheat, lack of phase, water, and other self-protection functions.
  • Adopt large-scale integrated circuit digital automatic control, with manual, automatic, semi-automatic, and heating heat preservation cold lack of time segment control function.
  • Automatic frequency tracking, stepless power adjustment, easy to use, 10 minutes to learn to use.
  • Our company has a perfect pre-sale and after-sales service system and professional heat treatment engineers, to ensure that you have no worries, no technical worries.
Magnetic Induction Heating Equipment applications jpg KETCHAN Induction Magnetic Induction Heating Equipment

How to maintain magnetic induction heating equipment?

  • The operator must be familiar with the operation rules of high-frequency magnetic induction heating equipment and should check whether the cooling system of the equipment is normal before starting up, and then power off, and operate strictly according to the operation rules.
  • All machine doors should be closed before work, after the high pressure is closed, it is forbidden to come to the rear of the machine at will, and it is forbidden to open the boot door.
  • Burr, iron filings, and oil stains should be removed from the workpiece, otherwise, it is easy to arc with the inductor when heated. The arc light produced by the arc will not only damage vision but also easily damage the inductor and equipment.
  • High frequency magnetic induction heating equipment should be kept clean, dry, and dust-free. If an abnormal phenomenon is found in the work, the high voltage should be cut off first, and then check and troubleshoot the faults.
  • When using quenching machine tools, the safety regulations concerning electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic transmission should be observed. When moving the quenching machine tools, tipping should be prevented.


  • You are an end manufacturer?

  Yes, and we have been in the magnetic induction heating equipment for more than 20 years.

  • Do you have the magnetic induction heating equipment in stock?

  Yes, all of our standard magnetic induction heating equipment have models in stock, special models and different voltages need 3-5 days to adjust the machine contents.

  • What is your delivery time?

  Our standard magnetic induction heating equipment delivery time is in 3 working days after getting your payment, for some specially customized induction heating systems delivery time is in 7-10 days.

  • What is your warranty period?

  In 12 months after getting the goods in your factory.

  • How can I get a faster quote?

  Leave a message about your heating parts details, we will contact you in time.

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