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Medium Frequency Furnace

1. Medium Frequency furnace manufacturer.
2. Fast melting speed, uniform melting result.
3. Well control furnace melting temperature.
4. Energy-saving, good for the environment.
5. Wide application fields, perfect after sales.

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What’s medium frequency furnace classification?

  At present, in the medium frequency furnace industry, the structure of medium frequency melting furnace is divided into steel shell melting furnace with magnetic yoke hydraulic tilting furnace and aluminum shell melting furnace with reducer tilting furnace.

What’s difference between steel shell & aluminum shell medium frequency furnace?

Steel shell medium frequency furnace:

  • It has a long service life (the normal life is more than 10 years).
  • Good stability because of the use of magnetic conductors, which have two functions: First, the magnet is firmly fixed with the top wire and the induction coil, so that the coil and the magnet form a stable structure. Second, the magnetic conductor can form a magnetic barrier around the coil;
  • Energy saving, because the steel shell medium frequency furnace with magnetic conductivity than aluminum shell furnace saving energy upto 3%-5%;
  • The casting point is stable, and the hydraulic tilting furnace device can control the casting Angle and speed well.
  • Good safety performance, due to the characteristics of leaky furnace alarm device and refractory cement layer), its good characteristics in tonnage more than 2T are selected steel shell medium frequency furnace structure.

Aluminum sheel medium frequency furnace:
  Aluminum shell medium frequency furnace is a simple structure form, the service life is generally in 5-8 years or so, there is no magnetite, furnace lining top out mechanism, refractory cement layer, its safety performance is poor, the general use of capacity and 2T below. For example: a set of 5T medium frequency furnace, when the furnace is full of molten iron, the overall weight of the equipment reaches 8-10T. If the aluminum shell structure is selected, when the reducer rotates the furnace body to 95 degrees, the whole furnace body will lean forward, with poor safety performance. Aluminum shell medium frequency furnace is suitable for short time to change production users, small tonnage.


Steel shell medium frequency furnace

Aluminum sheel medium frequency furnace

Shell material

Steel shell furnace

Aluminum sheel furnace

furnace tilting mechanism

hydraulic cylinder

reduction box

hydraulic power pack



magnet yoke



Furnace cover



Furnace leakage alarm



energy consumption


630 KW.h/t

Service life

10 years

3-4 years

Price level



How to maintain the medium frequency furnace?

  • Regularly replace or clean the key parts of the equipment related to the electric medium frequency furnace.
  • Check and repair the equipment regularly: The bolts of each part of the device and the contacts fastening the contactor relay should be checked regularly. If looseness or bad contact occurs, they should be repaired and replaced in time. They should not be used forcibly to prevent major accidents.
  • Check regularly whether the water pipe joints are securely tied: When tap water is used as the cooling source of an electric medium frequency furnace, scale is easy to accumulate and affects the cooling effect. When plastic conduit aging produces crack, should replace the device in time. In summer, the use of self-generated water well cooling is often prone to condensation phenomenon, should consider the use of a circulating water system, serious condensation should immediately stop the operation;
  • Check regularly whether the wiring of the load is good and whether the insulation is reliable: The oxide scale accumulated in the diathermy induction coil should be cleaned in time. Heat insulation lining cracks should be replaced in time. The medium frequency melting furnace should be inspected after the lining is renewed. A load of insulated frequency conversion device is located in the work site, the fault is relatively high, and is often ignored. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the maintenance of load and prevent the failure and frequency conversion power supply to ensure the normal operation of the medium frequency furnace.
  • Clean the dust in the power cabinet regularly: Especially outside the SCR tube core, please clean it with alcohol. The frequency conversion device in operation generally has special machine room, but the actual operating environment is not ideal in the smelting, forging and pressing process, the dust is very strong vibration. In heating quenching process, the device factory near the working equipment, such as pickling phosphating more corrosive gas, these will be for the medium frequency electric furnace related device components damage effect, decreases the insulation strength of the device is too many in the dust, the components surface discharge phenomenon can occur, so should pay attention to often clean, prevent the medium frequency furnace failure.
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