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Metal Smelting furnace

1. Metal smelting furnace source manufacturer.
2. We support customized metal smelting furnaces.
3. Choose international brand components.
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5. Green to the environment.

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What are the metal smelting furnace applications?

  • Our metal smelting furnace is mainly used in steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy, gold, silver, and other metal materials heating melting;
  • The melting volume is from 3KG-500KG.
  • Different melting materials match different material crucibles, graphite crucible is generally used for melting: copper, aluminum, silver, gold, and other metals; Magnesia crucible is generally used for melting: iron, stainless steel, and high melting point metals.
metal smelting furnace applications 1 jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Metal Smelting furnace

What is the structure of the metal smelting furnace?

  • There are three kinds of metal smelting furnaces: dumping melting furnaces, top out melting furnaces, and fixed intermediate frequency metal melting furnaces.
  • Dumping type metal smelting furnace: can be divided into mechanical dumping furnace, electric dumping furnace, and hydraulic dumping furnace;
  • According to different application requirements, it can be equipped with an infrared thermometer, temperature controller, and other devices;
  • Can be customized according to your needs; Personalized equipment customization is the strength of ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN and also it is the focus of KETCHAN’s marketing business. With 10 years of experience in industrial applications, KETCHAN has been committed to induction heating automation. We have a better understanding of the induction heating process and can provide efficient and effective solutions to meet your specific process requirements.
Structure map of metal smelting furnace 1 jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Metal Smelting furnace

Why choose the ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN metal smelting furnace?

  • It takes a super small size, mobile, and covers less than 1 square meter.
  • It is convenient to change the metal smelting furnace body of different weight, different material, and different furnace starting modes, so as to adapt to various melting requirements;
  • Installation, debugging and operation are very convenient, and very easy to learn.
  • Can work 24 hours non-stop, melting even, faster;
  • Good working environment, green to the earth’s environment.
  • KETCHAN metal smelting furnace is much more energy-saving compared to the SCR melting furnace, it is very easy to maintain, and can save electricity up to 15-20%.
  • With electromagnetic stirring effect, it can make the melting result much more uniform, conducive to scum, reduce impurities;
  • The metal smelting furnace power range is wide and the melting capacity range is also very big, not only suitable for the big casting industries but also suitable for schools and research use.

What is the specification of the ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN metal smelting furnace?

Smelting Quantity Power Aluminum, Aluminium alloy Gold, Silver, Copper Steel, Stainless steel
15KW 3Kg 10Kg 4Kg
25KW 6Kg 20Kg 8Kg
35KW 12Kg 40Kg 12Kg
45KW 21Kg 70Kg 18Kg
70KW 30Kg 100Kg 28Kg
90KW 40Kg 120Kg 45Kg
110KW 50Kg 150Kg 60Kg
160KW 75Kg 250Kg 100Kg

Memo: According to the induction melting furnace recommend in the above tables, the maximum heating melting time from the cold metal smelting furnace is 50-60 minutes, and as the furnace temperature is rising all the time, the second smelting time is about 20-30 minutes.

How to get a quick metal smelting furnace quote?

  • You can leave a message or add our WhatsApp or email us to let us know your melting material, melting capacity, and melting time requests.
  • Once we get your melting details, we will make the related technical proposal for your first checking and then we can talk deeper as per our technical suggestions to find the suitable metal melting furnace technical solutions.
  • Once make sure of the final technical proposal, we can quote you accordingly and then start the metal smelting furnace productions. Once finish the order, we will take some videos to show you each connection detail to help you understand it well so that you can use it well in your factory.
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