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Mobile Induction Heater

1. Mobile induction heater is for HVAC copper tube brazing.
2. Small volume, fast brazing speed.
3. Adopt parallel resonance circuit mode.
4. With flexible cables 5-20m.
5. With industrial chiller, long using life.

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Mobile induction heater technical advantages

  • Reach high heating temperature: Our mobile induction heater heating temperature can reach more than 1500 degrees.
  • With fast heating speed: can reach the target heating temperature quickly.
  • The mobile induction heater is suitable for heating all kinds of metal materials, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, titanium, etc.
  • The mobile induction heater match with a handheld coaxial transformer, it is easy to handle and can be automatically used with a robot arm.
  • Can replace the induction heating coils faster, the induction heating coils are made in different shapes and sizes and can be easily removed from the induction heating head to replace with another induction coil.
  • Enable control of the temperature: can control the precise temperature when using the TC or infrared probe.
  • With fast PID temperature controller + energy controller+ temperature controller to ensure the consistent induction brazing welding result.
  • The mobile induction heater can install position wheels, which can be used for fixing places or moving the heater for working.
  • This induction heater is very convenient for mobile working, it is suitable for induction brazing welding copper pipe and copper tube, copper tube to the steel tube, steel to steel tubes, copper pipe to stainless steel pipe, etc.
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Mobile induction heater technical data

Model Power Frequency Control precision Resonance mode
Medium frequency mobile induction heater 10-80kw 0.2-10khz 0.2% Series/parallel
High frequency mobile induction heater 10-80kw 10-50khz 0.2% Series/parallel

Our Service

  1. Pre-sales service:
  • Customers provide us with basic heating parts details, such as material, shape, size, and heating efficiency requests, we suggest suitable mobile induction heaters for users.
  • We do detailed technical proposals and quotation sheets for our users.
  • According to the technical proposal, communicate the induction heater heating process details.
  • We can do the free tests for our users and support sending samples to us.
  • Welcome customers come and visit us.
  1. In-sales service:
  • We will follow the mobile induction heaters production process.
  • After finishing the induction machines assembly, we will test the machines and confirm that the machines meet our users’ requests well.
  • Before delivering the machine, we will check the machines and spare parts and ensure to deliver the machines on time.
  1. After-sales service:
  • All of our mobile induction heater warranty periods are 12 months.
  • After the warranty period, we will continue to provide technical support and also give the spare parts free of charge or with the basic costs.
  • We can support the overseas technical service because all of our engineers have passports.

Package and shipment

The induction heaters are packed with plywood case packages or carton packages, shipped by sea or by air.

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