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Platinum Melting Furnace

1. Most energy-saving platinum melting furnace.
2. Small volume, light weight,easy movement.
3. Can 24 hours non-stop working melting.
4. It has electromagnetic stirring capability.
5. Melting result is more uniform.

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What are KETCHAN's platinum melting furnace features?

  • Wide application range: A platinum melting furnace is mainly used for stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, and platinum material induction melting solutions.
  • It has an electromagnetic stirring effect: it is good for melting metal temperature and uniformity of organization, and it is good for dross to reduce impurities.
  • Wide frequency range: Platinum melting furnace frequency range is 1KHZ-20KHZ, factors such as melting capacity, the heating efficiency of electromagnetic stirring, noise at work. Can be considered comprehensively to design an induction coil and match compensation capacitor to determine the size of the output frequency.
  • Energy-saving: Medium frequency SCR, can energy save at least 20%.
  • Small size and simple operation: compared with the SCR medium frequency, not only with small size, lightweight, small floor area, convenient installation, and movement, melting function simple operation, beginners can learn very fast.

Induction heating melting process display

Induction heating melting process display jpg KETCHAN Induction Platinum Melting Furnace

Platinum melting furnace technical data

Smelting Quantity Power Aluminum, Aluminium alloy Gold, Silver, Copper Steel, Stainless steel
15KW 3Kg 10Kg 4Kg
25KW 6Kg 20Kg 8Kg
35KW 12Kg 40Kg 12Kg
45KW 21Kg 70Kg 18Kg
70KW 30Kg 100Kg 28Kg
90KW 40Kg 120Kg 45Kg
110KW 50Kg 150Kg 60Kg
160KW 75Kg 250Kg 100Kg

Memo: According to the induction melting furnace recommend in the above tables, the maximum heating melting time from the cold metal smelting furnace is 50-60 minutes, and as the furnace temperature is rising all the time, the second smelting time is about 20-30 minutes.

How to choose the suitable platinum melting furnace?

  • There are three types of platinum melting furnaces: dumping type induction melting furnace, top out type induction melting furnace, and fixed type induction melting furnace.
  • Dumping type platinum melting furnace: can be divided into mechanical dumping furnace, electric dumping furnace and hydraulic dumping furnace;
  • According to different material induction melting application requirements, it can be equipped with an infrared thermometer, temperature controller, and other devices;
  • Can be customized according to your needs; Equipment personalized customization of our expertise, more than 10 years of industry application experience.
Platinum melting furnace 9 jpg KETCHAN Induction Platinum Melting Furnace

What is ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN advantages?

  • Research and innovation capability: we have our own platinum melting furnace technical teams and most of them working experience are more than 5 years, and these years, according to our users’ different heating melting material,we are always keeping update our induction melting furnace technology always to ensure that save our users production costs a lot.
  • Production and manufacturer advantages: We are an end platinum melting furnace manufacturer and we have our own production team, when have orders we can control the delivery time and also can well control the melting furnace production quality.
  • Perfect after-sales service: We have our professional maintenance team to guarantee that each of our induction melting furnaces can be well followed and taken care, of to ensure that our users have no worries when using our induction melting equipment.
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