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Portable Handheld Induction Heater

1. Digital portable handheld induction heater.
2. Easy to movement, small volume.
3. Help you find suitable induction solutions.
4. Fast heating speed, high heating efficiency.
5. HVAC fields parts induction brazing helper.

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Why choose Ketchan portable handheld induction heater?

  • We are one of the leading portable handheld induction heater manufacturer, which has been in the induction heating field for more than 20 years.
  • All of our portable handheld induction heaters with international advanced coaxial technology. Making the induction heating has more possibilities to work in much more complex induction heat treatment conditions.
  • Stable running condition and low failure rate: From our technical research team to induction heaters’ main components selection and to the real production process. In each step, we have strict control rules to ensure all of our finished portable handheld induction heaters can serve stable in our user’s factories.
  • More flexible and convenient, cover smaller area: the portable handheld induction heaters with handheld heating head, can heat the parts flexible, and also can adapt the complex workpiece and environment working, very easy to move and can flexible cable can do as per the user’s real working requests.
  • Faster heating speed, with one button operation. It is very suitable for use in the HVAC copper tube, transformer copper joints induction brazing process.
  • Safety operation and energy-saving, almost no pollution, no high voltage.
  • With our portable handheld induction heater with Germany IGBT module, and digital control program, the machine output is more stable.
  • We have perfect after-sales service and have professional operation videos for your reference.

Portable handheld induction heater Technical Parameters

  • Output power: 5-60KW
  • Input voltage: 220V 380V 460V 480V 50/60HZ
  • Input frequency range: 10-80Khz
  • Input power factor:0.95
  • Cooling method: Industrial Chiller cooling
  • water inlet temperature: 35℃

Ketchan portable handheld induction heater applications

  • High-frequency induction brazing welding of tube, connecting tube, and reservoir B tube of compressor main housing.
  • Motor wire connection joint induction brazing welding.
  • Slip ring lead welding, rotor, stator coil, lead wire induction brazing solutions.
  • Whole induction brazing guide bar rotor end ring of AC traction motor.
  • Wind turbine winding copper brazing, rotor winding DC drying equipment welding.
  • Four-way valve brazing equipment, pressure valve soldering equipment.
Portable Handheld Induction Heater application jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Portable Handheld Induction Heater

Our advantages

  ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN has a professional product development and engineering application design team. With its power electronics expertise and extensive experience in applying KETCHAN products in various industries, KETCHAN is able to rapidly optimize and design products to meet the overall needs of users. For your special application needs, just contact us, you can discuss them with us, we will provide professional portable handheld induction heater solutions for your special requirements and specifications.

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