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Portable Induction Welding Machine

1. Digital portable induction welding machine.
2. With Siemens IGBT module.
3. With PLC controller.
4. Can match temperature controller.
5. Match professional induction heating head.

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  Zhengzhou Ketchan portable induction welding machine has professional temperature control functions. Can be used in different parts induction welding, induction shrink fitting and etc. No matter what kinds of parts you heat, how complex the induction heating process you need, it all depends on all our professional induction heating machine service teams, we can always help you to find suitable portable induction welding machine solutions.

  This series of portable induction welding machines are mostly used in the metal parts induction brazing welding system fields, and can automated control the induction brazing welding temperature.

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Why choose us?

  • Our strength

  We have been in induction heating systems development and research for more than 20 years. We have our own technical team, each year we are always updating our portable induction welding machines and have obtained many national patents already. Now we have had the CE, SGS certifications.

  • Core competence

  All of our engineers have been served in the induction heat treatment field for more than 20years, in our team, each one has their good at induction heating fields. It is a strong technical service team. Depending on the different heating parts details, we are updating our technology always to meet our user’s different application ranges. For this, we have developed thousands of different induction welding machines, and our portable induction welding machine has served thousands of customers in the HVAC fields.

  We have our own after-sales teams, and we can solve our customer’s problems in 24 hours timely and also we can provide overseas onsite service.

  For some users’ featured induction brazing parts, you can send us samples and we can support testing them on our induction machines as well.

Our factory

  We have more than 6000㎡ induction heating machine manufacturer factory and according to the power range differents is divided into 4 floors and also we have our modern induction heating lab to meet different parts induction testings jobs. These years, just in our portable induction welding machine branch lab, we have tested thousands of copper tubes, brass joints, pipe to pipe, tube to tube induction brazing welding projects.


  As a leading induction heating machine manufacturer in China, We have users all over the world. This kind of portable induction welding machine is mainly used for the compressor copper tubes, pipe to pipes, joints, water tap tubes, and base induction brazing. Also, it is widely used in auto parts tubes induction brazing jobs.

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