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Refrigeration Copper tubes induction brazing

Refrigeration brazing solution

  Refrigeration induction brazing machines are mainly used for HVAC copper tubes and brass fittings induction brazing, induction brazing AC copper filter, induction brazing distributor liner, induction brazing HVAC valves etc, these are can use open mouth induction brazing coils. The round circle induction brazing coil is suitable for induction brazing copper pipelines,like copper tube and brass fittings,points solenoid valve, leakage valve induction brazing solutions.

Refrigeration Copper tubes induction brazing jpg webp The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer Refrigeration Copper tubes induction brazing

Induction brazing machines

 Zhengzhou Ketchan induction brazing machine used in the HVAC industry are moslty portable induction heating machines. Models have 5KW,10KW,15KW,20KW,25KW,30KW,35KW and 40KW.

Brazing material

  Brazing material here refer to brazing rings, mostly are brazing rings and brazing bars. Refrigeration Copper tubes induction brazing process mostly use 2% silver brazing flux or 5% silver brazing flux. The brazing rings can be customized.

Brazing process

  Handheld induction heaters can be used in the automatic induction brazing system process, before brazing need to place the brazing rings on the brazing joint, and also can use brazing bars during the brazing process. The brazing process can be manually and automated according to different output production requests.

Brazing result

  • The brazing process is simple, no need skilled welder is ok.
  • With a PLC controller, the operation is easier.
  • High brazing efficiency, uniform brazing result.
  • One worker can operate 2 working stations at the same time, improve the production speed and also save enterprise basic costs.

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