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Shaft CNC Hardening Machine Tool

1. Universal Shaft CNC hardening machine tool.
2. Workpiece and induction coil movement method.
3. With a multi-language CNC control system.
4. Realize different scanning hardening processes.
5. Can customize different working stations.
6. Match workpiece loading and unloading robot.

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What is Shaft CNC hardening machine tool?

  The shaft CNC hardening machine tool is the induction hardening machine power supply and the CNC hardening machine tool match together to do the induction heat treatment process. Clamp the workpiece on the CNC hardening machine tool, while rotating while moving upward, once press the start button, the workpiece will come to the induction coils automatically, the workpiece starts rotating, automatic timing heating, spraying water hardening, after finish the parts hardening. It will automatic descent to the original position, manually replace the workpiece. The induction coils with the water spraying rings, In this way, after the workpiece is heated to the quenching temperature, it can automatically open the water-jet solenoid valve to spray water, so as to ensure the depth of hardened layer and quenching hardness.

  This series shaft CNC hardening machine tool is suitable for all kinds of shaft parts continuously scanning hardening process. The CNC hardening machine tool has single working stations and double working stations. The whole machine is continuous material feeding and unloading structure that can realize the multi-process combination production line. Machine tool loading and unloading adopt truss manipulator or multi-joint robot mode to realize the parts’ automatic loading and unloading during the induction hardening processing. The loading and unloading mechanism has the functions of workpiece error-proof detection and defective product sorting. The fully automatic deformation limiting mechanism can effectively control the workpiece deformation during the induction heating and quenching process. The intelligent control mode and process data management system record and monitor the process data in real time. This is a turnkey project, matched with a digital induction heating power supply, the induction machine, coil, and hardening medium cooling with the closed-loop water cooling system constant temperature control.

Shaft CNC Hardening Machine Tool 4 1 jpg KETCHAN Induction Shaft CNC Hardening Machine Tool

What is shaft CNC hardening machine tool features?

  • The complete CNC hardening machine tool consists of a shaft CNC hardening machine tool, an IGBT induction heating machine, a closed-loop water cooling system, and also induction heating coils. This equipment can quench the four and six cylinders crankshaft journal and fillet of 500-1500mm in length.
  • The hardening medium temperature, cooling water pressure and flow of quenching fluid are automatically monitored and protected.
  • The control system has the function of fault protection, indication, and alarm.
  • The power chuck, tailstock, and transformer lifting drive mechanism of the crankshaft quenching machine tool adopts pneumatic; the loading and unloading mechanism; adopts the reciprocating double material level trolley, the motor drives the synchronous belt transmission, and the lifting power of the parts is the cylinder.
  • Machine head and end: The rotary cylinder power chuck is clamped, and the rotation is driven by the servo motor. At the same time, the position of the tailstock can be adjusted electrically to adapt to the different crankshafts’ induction quenching lengths.
  • Crankshaft movement system: servo motor and ball screw are used to drive the crankshaft to move laterally, and the guide rail adopts a rectangular linear guide rail.
  • Load feeding: load up and down power is the cylinder.
  • The machine is equipped with 6~15 sets of load systems (including quenching transformer, capacitor, inductor, etc.), each set of load can be switched in turn and work independently; The spacing between transformers can be manually adjusted 0-100mm.
  • The load process parameters can be set independently.
  • The clamping of the crankshaft adopts the center hole and the end face positioning, the head and tailstock of the machine tool adopt the pneumatic self-centering power chuck, the crankshaft clamping process is completed automatically, and the tailstock can freely follow the expansion and contraction of the crankshaft during the quenching process; The holding length adjustment adopts the electric ball screw.
  • The machine control system can choose Siemens/Mitsubishi/Fanuc /PLC+ touch screen control system; Each action of the machine tool has interlock protection, and equipment each process parameter (including voltage, current, heating time, cooling time, heating power, frequency, spray flow, etc.) can be displayed or set.
  • In addition to over voltage, over current, lack of phase, and water pressure fault protection, the induction heating power supply also has voltage limit, current limit protection, minimum value protection, incoming voltage is too high protection, starting current is too high protection and water temperature protection, with the supporting machine interlock protection, the supporting machine is not ready to start without power.
  • Process parameters monitoring can monitor and record the heating parameters of each heating part.
Double station Shaft CNC Hardening Machine Tool jpg KETCHAN Induction Shaft CNC Hardening Machine Tool

What is Shaft CNC hardening machine tool applications?

   Shaft CNC hardening machine tool is mainly used for all kinds of shaft, step shaft, gear shaft, camshaft, half shaft, disk parts of the outer race, end face, etc.induction hardening tempering jobs.; Low operating cost, high degree of automation, can automatically complete heating, rotation, water spraying, fast return, and other processes; Machine electrical control system, reserved quenching heating and cooling water control interface, according to the needs of the process, the quenching process and cooling process can be controlled, energy saving, environmental protection, no pollution.

Why do the shaft induction hardening process?

  Shaft induction quenching is for the shaft surface induction hardening processing equipment, shaft quenching’s purpose is by changing the workpiece structure and match different tempering temperatures to increase the steel hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and toughness, etc to meet various kinds of machinery parts and tools different application requirements.

Model Workpiece length(mm) Workpiece idameter(mm) Workpiece weight(kg) Scanning hardening length(mm) Scanning speed (mm/s)
KQJ-50 500 Ø400 50 500 0~50
KQJ -100 1000 Ø400 150 1000 0~50
KQJ -120 1200 Ø400 150 1200 0~50
KQJ -150 1500 Ø400 300 1500 0~50
KQJ -200 2000 Ø500 500 2000 0~50
KQJ -250 2500 Ø500 1000 2500 0~50
KQJ -300 3000 Ø500 1000 3000 0~50
KQJ -400 4000 Ø500 3000 4000 0~50
KQJ -500 5000 Ø800 5000 5000 0~50
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