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Stainless Steel Melting Furnace

1. Digital stainless steel melting furnace.
2. Perfect fault detection device.
3. Environmental protection dust removal system.
4. High efficiency and energy saving.
5. We are a manufacturer for 20 years.

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What is stainless steel melting furnace?

  Stainless steel melting furnace is a kind of three-phase power frequency current conversion into a single-phase medium frequency current frequency conversion device, through electromagnetic field induction to produce eddy current metal loss, and achieve hot melt rolling, bending tube forming before through heat treatment. The stainless steel melting furnace is mainly used in the casting and smelting industries.

What are stainless steel melting furnace technical features?

  • Adopting frequency sweep type zero voltage soft start mode can start or stop at any time in any state, with no impact on the power supply.
  • Fast melting, low production cost; Small pollution meets environmental requirements;
  • Stainless steel melting furnace can melt the material directly from the cold furnace, and the solution can be emptied completely. It is convenient to replace the melting material.
  • Power adjustment flexible, convenient, continuous smooth adjustment; Uniform temperature easy to control, less oxidation burning loss, uniform metal composition;
  • The stainless steel melting furnace shell adopts cast aluminum alloy or steel shell structure, which covers a small area. The furnace body is easy to turn over and dump, electric, manual, hydraulic, and other tilting furnace can be selected according to the needs.
  • The inverter Angle automatic adjustment circuit is designed, which can automatically adjust the matching of load impedance, achieve constant power output, and make the stainless steel melting furnace equipment always run in a good working state without adjusting the compensation capacitance.
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Why do you choose ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN instead of other manufacturers?

  • Internal circulation pure water cooling system: Our stainless steel melting furnace system is equipped with an internal circulation pure water cooling system, equipment can work for a long time, without cleaning; It will not stop production or damage electrical power components because of scaling; Doubled the machine long service life.
  • With an automatic circuit breaker, with reliable protection function: Short circuit, circuit break, phase loss, power outage, discharge and other circuit abnormalities of the equipment can be quickly cut off; To protect equipment and power grid in a timely and reliable manner. Ensure the safety of production operators.
  • ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN stainless steel melting furnace is strong and durable, beautiful and generous, especially the large capacity furnace body, needs a strong rigid structure, from safety consideration, it better to choose steel shell melting furnace. The magnetic yoke made of silicon steel sheet can shield the magnetic field lines of the induction ring, reduce magnetic leakage, improve thermal efficiency, increase output, and save energy by 5%-10%.
  • Whirlwind type dust hood: Smoking hood with cover, strong steel construction design, refractory cover fixed on the hearth, can be opened front and back. In the process of electric stainless steel melting furnace melting, the whole smoking hood is in a closed position, and the furnace cover is covered on the crucible of the melting pool to reduce the heat loss in the process of feeding, and melting, and burning. At the same time, the smoking hood absorbs dust and exhaust gas through a fixed suction air volume, so as to achieve and improve the exhaust gas emission effect.
  • Furnace lining quick push-out device: the furnace lining quick push-out mechanism adopts a hydraulic cylinder to push out the hydraulic power source from the electric furnace hydraulic station, mainly including the bottom of the furnace is a pre-designed steel structure quick connection guide rail.
  • Anti-drop protection device: The stainless steel melting furnace body is equipped with an anti-fall protection device. In the process of the furnace body tipping, the anti-fall protection cover rises automatically to form a protective fence to prevent personnel from falling and ensure the safety of the operator on the furnace platform.

Closed cooling tower for stainless steel melting furnace

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