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Ultra High Frequency Welding Machine

1. Ultra high frequency tube welding machine.
2. Induction heating frequency up to 800KHZ.
3. No high voltage, energy-saving.
4. Professional induction heating coil design.
5. With MOS tube as inverter components.
6. Direct manufactuer with CE,SGS certification.

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What is ultra high frequency welding machine?

   KQH series is an ultra high frequency welding machine, machine frequency is 200-700KHZ, and power is 20~300KW,  it is mainly used in the ultra high frequency tube welding industries, usually used for high frequency welding of steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, etc. The power supply of ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN can be matched with the ultra high frequency welding pipe set, and can also replace the old generation of welding pipe power supply. ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN ultra high frequency welding machine power supply adopts our company’s latest control technology, the high frequency tube welding equipment is small, with high heating efficiency, energy saving effects.

Ultra high frequency welding machine technical data


Max output power (KW)

Working Frequency Range(kHz)






















Memo: The above machine sheet is our standard ultrahigh frequency welding machine, we can customize different high frequency tube welding machines as per different application requests, please contact us for more.

Ultra high frequency welding machine 5 jpg KETCHAN Induction Ultra High Frequency Welding Machine

What is ultra high frequency welding machine working principle & advantages?

  • KQH series ultra high frequency welding machine power supply adopts a series resonant circuit. After the inverter, the high frequency power supply is directly in series with resonant capacitor after output through high frequency transformer.
  • KQH Series high frequency welding tube power supply adopts high frequency chopper power regulation technology to replace the traditional silicon controlled power regulation technology to achieve microsecond level control, which greatly realizes the rapid adjustment and stability of power output in the process of welding tube. The output ripple is very small and the oscillation current is stable to ensure the smoothness and straightness of the weld.
  • ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN KQH series ultra high frequency welding machine power supply adopts MOSFET device to do current control, adopts imported high power resonant capacitor, adopts our company’s unique soft-switch inverter technology, obtains stable resonance frequency, effectively improves the quality of products, and realizes the stability of the welded pipe process;
  • High efficiency and energy saving: KQH series ultrahigh-frequency tube welding power supply adopts high-power soft switching technology from input to output to minimize power loss and achieve extremely high electrical efficiency, and has an extremely high power factor in the full power range, effectively saving energy. Compared with the traditional electronic tube high-frequency power supply, it can save electricity by 30 ~ 40%.
  • Safety: there is no high frequency voltage of ten thousand volts in the equipment, which can effectively avoid radiation, interference, discharge, and ignition.
  • Small size, integration, saving space. The ultra high frequency welding machine does not need a step-down transformer, does not need a thyristor to adjust the function of the power frequency inductor, small integrated structure for installation, maintenance, transportation, and debugging have brought great convenience. 
  • KQH series ultra high frequency welding machine power supply of our company designed a full range of protection functions such as overcurrent protection, underwater protection, overheat protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, lack of phase protection, greatly increase the equipment reliability and maintenance convenience.
  • KQH series ultra high frequency welding machine power supply has a variety of internal display functions such as frequency display, current display, voltage display, and power display, so that the working condition of the equipment is intuitive, for the design of induction coil and power matching selection more guiding role;

Ultra high frequency welding machine applications

Ultra high frequency welding machine application jpg KETCHAN Induction Ultra High Frequency Welding Machine

How can I get a quick quotation?

  Ultra high frequency welding machine belongs to industrial equipment, different application cases will need different power and induction heating coils. In order to make sure each of our users finds the most suitable induction heating solutions. We suggest that you can let us know the following information so that we can quote you right and timely. Thanks.

  • Your heated workpiece and material, drawings of your heated parts will be better.
  • The heating time requests, also can say heating efficiency requests.
  • Heating temperature requests.
  • Heating purpose and application scenario.
  • Please also leave your WhatsApp and emails, so that we can contact you faster.
  • We look forward to having the honor to serve you and also look forward that our induction heating equipment can bring more possibilities to your future.
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