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Vertical CNC Hardening Machine Tool

1. Vertical CNC hardening machine tool.
2. Adopt Siemens CNC control system.
3. High automation for mass production.
4. Adopt hardening integrated design.
5. Realize different hardening methods.
6. Customize 1-10 working stations.

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What’s Vertical CNC hardening machine tool?

   As one of the leading induction hardening systems manufacturer in China, Zhengzhou KETCHAN vertical CNC hardening machine tool is a hot featured products which is widely used in the heat treatment factories match with induction heating machine, industrial chillers and the energy monitoring systems, also can be used in the automated induction heat treatment production lines.

  This vertical CNC hardening machine tool is suitable for typical workpiece (in the corresponding size range) shaft type: all kinds of shaft type, step shaft, gear shaft, ball pin,cranshaft camshaft, half shaft, disk parts of the outer circle, end face induction hardening and so on.  Can realize continuous scan quenching, simultaneous quenching, piecewise continuous scan quenching (piecewise depends on the degree of setting, without travel switch, the same below), piecewise simultaneous induction hardening. The machine tool adopts PC industrial digital control system, easy to debug and use, and can meet the complex workpiece induction quenching needs.

Automatic CNC Hardening Machine Tool jpg KETCHAN Induction Vertical CNC Hardening Machine Tool

Why use Vertical CNC hardening machine tool?

  • Vertical CNC hardening machine electrical control system reserves quenching heating and cooling water control interfaces. The quenching process and cooling process can be controlled according to the process needs.
  • Low operating cost. It only needs 250W to drive the workpiece, and the power consumption of the whole machine is less than one-fifth of the mechanical equipment.
  • Using profile structure body, low cost, lightweight, economical and practical.
  • Easy to use and maintenance, low failure rate, no leakage phenomenon, to solve the old machine tool problem.
  • The high degree of automation, high production efficiency.
  • Linear bearing guide rail, high precision, small friction, long life.
  • The counterweight device balances the weight through sprockets and chains.
  • In order to meet the special workpiece rotation speed requirements, can use inverter stepless speed regulation;
  • The main drive adopts a ball screw structure, with a small friction coefficient and fast movement speed, which fully meets the requirements of different parts induction quenching processes;
  • The segmented scanning quenching and delayed quenching are controlled by the numerical control system programming, the programming is simple and convenient, easy to learn and use;
  • The numerical control system adopts an LCD screen display, adjustable light, all Chinese interface, English interface can also be set, the interface is friendly, very intuitive, easy to operate and adjust;
  • Workpiece heating, workpiece rotation, workpiece feeding, workpiece delay, and quenching water spraying are all controlled by the program, which is convenient and reliable, and has a high degree of automation;
  • It is especially suitable for induction quenching of various shaft parts, gear parts, sprockets and discs, and can realize water spraying quenching and liquid immersion induction quenching.
  • CNC induction quenching machine tools are suitable for single-piece and mass production and are widely used in the fields of surface induction quenching, induction annealing, induction welding, and other induction heat treatment in automobiles, auto parts, construction machinery, general machinery, and machine tool industries.

How to select a Vertical CNC hardening machine tool?

Model KQJ-600 KQJ-1050 KQJ-1250 KQJ-1500
Max. Hardening length(mm) 600 1000 1200 1500
Max. Clamp length(mm) 600 1000 1200 1500
Max. Rotating diameter(mm) ≤500 ≤500 ≤500 ≤500
Workpiece moving speed(mm/s) 2~60 2~60 2~60 2~60
Rotate speed(r/min) 40~150 40~150 40~150 40~150
Top tip moving speed(mm/min) 480 480 480 480
Input voltage(V) 380V or Customized 380V or Customized 380V or Customized 380V or Customized
Motor total power(KW) 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.2
Working stations 1~2 1~2 1~2 1~2

Memo: These is only some of our standard vertical CNC hardening machine tool, according to different users’ different application ranges, we can customize different machine tools.

Why do we want to cooperate with Zhengzhou KETCHAN?

  • Rich design and manufacturing experience – Zhengzhou KETCHAN has more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of induction heating equipment and CNC quenching machine tools experience is the pioneer of vertical CNC quenching machine tools in China.
  • Reliable product quality performance – all parts are famous brands, some imported parts, from parts to finished products through multiple tests, reliable and stable.
  • Strong customization capacity — can be customized according to the workpiece and process of automatic induction heating equipment, its high-frequency power supply, and quenching machine integrated automatic design of high-end atmosphere and grade, for users to improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.
  • Intimate after-sales service system – to provide high quality, efficient and timely after-sales service and technical support, products within one year free warranty, and lifelong maintenance.
  • We will provide free tests according to your workpiece.
  • We provide free installation and debugging for you, and provide free technical training for your operators and maintenance personnel. Provide comprehensive technical support, and enjoy lifelong maintenance.
Vertical CNC Hardening Machine Tool application 3 jpg KETCHAN Induction Vertical CNC Hardening Machine Tool
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