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Well Type Tempering Furnace

1. Well-type tempering furnace direct manufacturer.
2. Use superior materials, with longer service life.
3. High heat treatment efficiency, stable functions.
4. Intelligent temperature control system.
5. Wide application fields with CE, and SGS certifications.

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What is well type tempering furnace?

  Well type tempering furnace is a kind of furnace welded by section steel and steel plate. The main purpose is for tempering of general metal parts in air and quenching, annealing and heat treatment of light alloy parts such as aluminum alloy die castings, pistons, aluminum plates, etc.

Well Type Tempering Furnace 6 KETCHAN Induction Well Type Tempering Furnace

What is well type tempering furnace technical structure?

  RJ2 series 650℃ pit type resistance furnace, the furnace shell is welded by section steel and steel plate. Inside the shell is a furnace made of lightweight refractory materials. The gap between the shell and the furnace is partially filled with thermal insulation materials to form the furnace body. It is characterized by small size, light weight, less heat storage, and good performance. A fan is installed on the furnace cover to force hot air to circulate to ensure uniform furnace temperature. The thermocouple is inserted from the side wall of the furnace and combined with the intelligent temperature control instrument, it can achieve high-temperature control accuracy. The lifting and lowering of the furnace cover are carried out by manual levers or electric motors. A travel switch is installed on the starting shaft of the furnace cover, which is interlocked with the opening and closing action of the furnace cover. When the furnace cover is opened, the power supply of the electric furnace is cut off to ensure that the operator’s security.

Electrical aspects:

  • The temperature control instrument adopts an intelligent program control instrument, the precision is 0.3, and the temperature control deviation can reach ±2℃. The man-machine interface adopts a 7-inch touch screen, which is connected to the smart instrument through a communication protocol, and the instrument operation menu is fully expanded on the touch screen so that the operation is more realistic and convenient. When the instrument parameters are not changed, the touch screen displays the working status of each electric furnace area.
  • The data recorded by the paperless recorder can be directly checked on it, or it can be copied to the computer through the SD card to realize the recording and printing of the data.
  • PID and automatic self-tuning adjustment of the thermal inertia of the heating system, when the furnace temperature is about to reach the set temperature, the instrument automatically reduces the output to prevent the overshoot of the temperature.
  • The executive element adopts a solid state relay power module, which has extremely low working noise (there is a faint sound from its matching axial flow fan), fast switching speed, high switching frequency per unit time, and high-temperature control can be achieved by using it.
  • The components have high reliability and long service life, which are 3 times that of AC contactors.
  • Perfect fault protection measures, such as damage to solid state relay components, fan failure, and automatic sound and light alarm.
Well Type Tempering Furnace 2 KETCHAN Induction Well Type Tempering Furnace

What is well type tempering furnace application?

  The deep well type tempering furnace is mainly used for normalizing, quenching, tempering, and other heat treatment heating of long-rod workpieces, such as gun barrels, steam turbine main shafts, generator rotors, marine diesel engine main shafts, rolls, and other workpieces, and can also be used for carbon steel parts. Fire temperature heat treatment.

Well Type Tempering Furnace Applications scaled scaled KETCHAN Induction Well Type Tempering Furnace

How to select well type tempering furnace?

Item Unit RJ2-25-6 RJ2-36-6 RJ2-55-6 RJ2-75-6 RJ2-90-6 RJ2-120-6 RJ2-150-6
Power Kw 25 36 55 75 90 120 150
Voltage V 380 380 380 380 380 380 380
Phase 1 3 3 3 3 3 3
Rated temperature 650 650 650 650 650 650 650
Chamber size Diameter mm 400 500 700 950 1200 1000 1000
Depth mm 500 650 950 1200 1600 2000 2400
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