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Induction Heating Since 2000

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What are the application fields of induction heating IGBT frequency conversion power supply?

KETCHAN ELECTRONIC production line designs and manufactures various high-end induction heating IGBT frequency conversion power supplies, which are used in different fields of induction heating and heat treatment.

Each IGBT variable frequency power supply has its own digital control unit, optical fiber communication, and can be integrated with various digital interfaces, Profibus bus, controller, and other electrical components.

Based on user-friendly operation, control, and modular construction, EMA induction heating variable frequency power supply can meet a variety of induction heating requirements.

Features of KETCHAN ELECTRONIC induction heating equipment:

▪ Multiplexed output, independently controlled, suitable for different frequency ranges

▪ Power factor close to 1, low reactive power, cost-saving

▪ Reliable quality, high power efficiency

▪ Constant high power factor, unaffected by load changes

▪ High precision energy monitoring system

▪ Fast running speed and reduced process time

▪ The power output range is 20KW to 20000KW

▪ power supply output frequency range from 1Hz to 400KHz


l Forced the thermal loading and unloading

l Forced curing/brazing

l Forced the coating/drying

l Steel strip and cable


l Melting pot furnace

l Forced the experimental furnace

l Forced the vacuum furnace


l Toothed parts

l Forced the steel bar

l Driveshaft and shaft parts


l Copper and copper alloys

l Aluminium and aluminum alloys

l Forced the steel


l Forced the piece of material

l Forced the square rod

l Forced the rod/tube material

l Forced the pipe end


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